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How is daily K/Cal figures calculated

What is the correct K/Cal figure. Advice given on NHS site suggests 1700 - 2200 is range for 69 Male of 166.4cm whose to maintain and achieve a 24%/68Kg level. Does that figure mean to maintain that calorie intake. I have lost 10kg since 6th Jan, but the last 4 weeks have seen a plateau, despite a current average K/Cal of 800 to 1100 per day, and a average daily brisk walk of at least 5 miles on top of all other activity. Am I still eating too much..... it is very confusing.

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Morning SeeSeaKaty

Well done on losing 10kgs since January, you have done fantastic. You say you have plateau over the last 4 weeks eating 800 to 1100 calories per day, can I ask why you have lowered your calories by so much? 800 to 1100 is way too low and you will not lose eating that little amount and that will be the reason for your plateau. Have a look at the BMI checker again now you have lost 10kgs because as we lose weight our calories allowance changes too.



Thank you for the reply. I will increase (gradually) my daily allowance calculation to 1700 K/Cals. My present weight is 74.6Kg and I am targeting the 24/68Kg as the Doc has suggested this would be a good start to ward off DB2. NHS site suggests I could lose another 14.4 Kg to be in the middle of the 18/24 slot, but that seems to be a bit drastic.


Hello SeeSeaKaty and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum. Well done on losing 10kg, that is a great start to your weight loss journey. 😊

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With regards to your question about calorific intake, please use the BMI checker to find your target calories, it's really important to eat enough. You don't mention how heavy you are just now, but here is a link explaining whybeating the correct amount is so important.


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Hi Anna 61, thank you for the reply (also Yellow Rose 55). The info on not eating enough is obviously the key. I will (gradually) increase my daily allowance to 1700, and monitor further. My current weight is 74.6kg which the NHS site suggests is about 27.6 BMI. The site also suggests that I could loose 14.4kg from the current weight to be in the middle "Safe" range, but I think that is a bit drastic and will be happy to achieve a 24/68Kg. While this would be at the top of the suggested range, it would put me in the same range as when first married (48 years ago). Thanks again I will re-read all the other info and modify the daily allowance as guided.

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