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Calorie Allocation /BMi

Good morning from rainy Jersey!

So operation all done yesterday and am resting today before heading back to the office tmw and making a start on Day 1 of this new eating plan.

According to the horrid BMI thing I am 32 and it shows a different calorie allocation to the 1400. Think it's around 1700. Is this because I have got three stones plus to lose and need to start more gently? Also last question promise ...with exercise when I run my slow 5kms I tend to burn around 500 calories according to the Fit Bit. Do I build some of these back into my daily allowance?

Thank you and have p for positive days!

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Hi Raemondo,

It's always best to eat as many calories as you can, while still losing weight. Read this for more information.


If you enter your details into the NHS BMI calculator, with your average exercise taken into account, then you shouldn't add any calories, for any that your Fitbit tells you that you've burnt :)

I hope this helps :)

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I think you'll find as you lose that the calories allowed will go down. It's much easier to stay within a larger allowance (obviously) and if you're going to change your eating style long term it needs to be easy!

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Thank you! I think you are soo right. Going to start at the slightly higher end of the calorie allowance and not shock my body!


Good plan 😊 It works better long term 😊


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