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Stop worrying

Been reading posts this morning of advice to a member who ate a whole bag of nuts. It happens and is repairable. Eating food should be always an enjoyable moment, and knowing you are looking after yourself as well, should add to that pleasure. If we mess up, the important moment is recognising it and doing something about it , rather than choose to ignore it or fail to recognise and carry on. I have completed my week one with happy result, now looking forward to week two result, next Wednesday. I had a naughty cake,yesterday, large shortbread round, after a sixty length swim. I am happy though, as for my evening meal I had a very low calorie vegetable curry, so balance restored. Happy days ahead folks , off for my morning dog walk

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It's all about balance and making space for those calorific items now and then


Absolutely 👍


Couldn't agree more


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