lacking in motivation

I have the "want to" I just cant seem to get started. I know all the things I should do, lots of veggies, some fruit, some whole grains, exercise etc etc but I cannot seem to get the motivation to get going. I have plenty of reasons why I should change my diet like I need to get healthy, lose some weight, get fit, but I am in desperate need of a kick in the pants. Anyone got any ideas?


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  • Radical but ....

    1. Get naked in front of a full sized mirror and take a pic.

    2. Read about the health benefits you'll enjoy when you reach a healthy BMI.

    3. Get your trainers on and go for a walk, best if the Sun is shining.

    4. Make a 12 week plan.

    5. Post here every day and you'll always get supportive help.

    You can do this katy9617 !! Xx

  • Yes; thinking of all those changes in one go is just too daunting so you, like I used to, are burying your head firmly in the sand and hoping it will all go away, which of course it won't! I got around it by making one small change each week. First I got rid of (by throwing, or giving away) biscuits, chocolates, sweets, puds, cakes etc so the temptation wan't around me and I totally cut added sugar out of my diet because I was pretty much addicted to the stuff.

    Then I concentrated on eating more healthily; getting my five fruit and veg a day, introducing grains etc on another week. Once I had made a change, I vowed to keep it going and once it was established, I introduced another small change. Next it was getting the portion sizes under control and I had to weigh food for a few weeks because I used to massively overestimate what I could eat and drink (the NHS BMI calculator is fantastic to give you a calorie range to work with). Portion control was definitely the hardest for me.

    The last thing was experimenting and finding exercise that I actually enjoyed and so wouldn't find it a chore to keep going long term and I settled on dance classes, the gym and walking. Now I just make little tiny tweaks now and again to improve my diet and lifestyle but I hardly notice what I have done because it has all been introduced so gradually and when people ask me how I have lost so much weight, I really don't know what to say because it feels as if I haven't done anything at all.

    Good luck and make that start ....little tiny changes that add up over time to a very big change indeed and a whole new you...... I promise you it's worth it! x

  • Small steps

  • Oh, Katy, I know just where you're coming from! I downloaded the 'Week One' charts from this site several days ago, and they're still sitting, untouched in my printer tray! The excuse I'm using to myself is that I haven't got a 'Fitbit' yet, and as I'm skint at the moment I can't get the one I want until next month. But, I have made a very small start in that I've been 'playing' with the calorie checker on this site, and have also stopped eating snacks between meals, but I can't seem to commit myself to starting on the plan properly. I need some motivational ideas too! Help!

  • Oh well done and you have started on the plan properly! You've made a very positive start by cutting the snacks and getting into a regular eating pattern. Just keep that going until it's automatic, then introduce something else to go with it... you'll be so surprised at where it will lead you!

    I tried a fitbit then couldn't connect it to my phone and gave up in the end. I think the technology around exercise is over-rated so don't wait; get out in the sunshine while you can. You'll be using a lot more calories than shopping for fitbits or similar on the computer. Good luck x

  • Thank you I agree get away from the technology and get out in the fresh air

  • Love that excuse Battlethebulge.... that's the sort of thing I do - I always have to invest in this that and the other before I can do anything. Strangely, on this NHS Weightloss journey, I decided I wasn't going to spend, but was going to save - on food bills mostly, not buying anymore wine or snacks! I decided to download the free MyFitnessPal app and stick that in my back pocket to record my steps. Works very well. The other day, I downloaded an Interval app, so now I can do short runs/short walks. I fought hard against the urge to buy a Fitbit and glad I resisted. I really don't need it with all the free stuff available and I'm addicted to gizmo's like I'm addicted to crisps!

    The MyFitnessPal app also allows you to record your weight so you can see week by week the changes, and if you input your measurements in, it will calculate how many calories you are allowed.

  • Hey, thanks for that ottomummy. Is this myfitnesspal app for Smartphones or Android? I've got a smartphone but it's wasted on me really; too techy! I don't even know how you download an app. If it would work with my phone that would save me paying £60 on equipment I don't need.

  • I have a very underused iPhone, and it works on that. Believe it does come as an Android app too.... yep -

    If you go to "google play" you can download from there. Heck I'm 56 with fat fingers and I can work it!!!

    I'm not 100% sure how it logs your steps though, as funnily enough, we just walked into town - halfway there was 4 miles, it told me. I didn't pause the app whilst I was hanging around the shop (cards, don't worry) and it still clocked up the miles! By the time we got home, it said we'd walked nearly 9 miles, but this was wrong, I definitely did not walk 1 mile around the tiny card shop I was visiting. But, as a guide, I like it.

  • I am exactly the same I have depression I feel like I need a buddy,joined a walking group

  • That's a very good idea Rod1414 - walking with others does you good in more ways than one. Keep it up, I find that even if I'm in a really gloomy mood, once I've walked it out, I feel a bit brighter.

  • Okay, Katy9617, feel yourself thoroughly kicked and START NOW! Every journey starts with a little step, so anything you feel is easier than something else, do that. So why not start to eat at least one piece of fruit before each meal - or go for a 10 minute walk once a day - or both. See how that goes and then take the next step. :)

  • thank you so much! brilliant ideas I will start today!

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