1st 3lbs loss

Last week I had lost 1st 3lbs since I started on the 2nd Jan 2017, However, I don't think I will lose anything this week since today all I wanted to do is eat.

It is the first time since I have started this that I have felt this.

Could it be, that because I go to the gym 5 days a week and I work out for only 30mins no more than that, that this is having an impact on me now. Not sure

I will weigh tomorrow and see.

I just needed to get it out there


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9 Replies

  • Hi, you have done really well. How much weight do you want to lose?

  • I don't mind if I lose a 1lb so long as it is a lost

  • Lol, I meant in total not in a week! I am 18 stone 9, lost nearly 4 1/2 stone. 7 more to go

  • I am aiming to lose 5 stones and then review and see how I feel. At a loss of 5 stone I will be healthy

  • You've done really well so far, keep it up. :) You can do this.

  • Seems to me things are going well - keep going:-)

  • Lose Weight and Lose Guilt also..

    No problem... just love yourself.. love your food.. love your tastes.. love exercise.. love this journey to good health..

    The journey to good health and fitness is never like a smooth highway.

    Its more like a long winding road going uphill.. its tough but the journey is beautiful... There are ups and downs but when you reach the peak it's ultimate joy :)

  • I have lost 2lbs, I am surprised, I had stuck to plan but yesterday it felt like I was out of plan. My daughter said to me one day is nothing just get back on it the next

    Thank you everyone for your support

    You are all lovely people

  • All the people i used to work with went straight to the shop to buy food after coming out of the gym,so it will make you hungry.

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