Lifestyle change No. 2

Morning all,

The losing weight side is currently going well and this is what I'd considered my 'lifestyle change".

Well Wednesday I saw a specialist about my spine which had recently been MRI'd. The good news is that I don't need an op or any injections but I need to build up my core strength muscles. This should reduce/remove the pain in groin, leg, knee, foot and theoretically allow me to start jogging and other bouncy things.

Yesterday, I spent a large chunk of it investigating what the 'proper' exercises are, typing them up, putting together video clips and creating my exercise spreadsheet (I'm a spreadsheet fanatic).

This morning I started a new part of my lifestyle and commenced easing myself into the exercises. Like the change in my eating habits I have to look at this as something that will never end (sounds a bit depressing ;) ). I'm actually happy, as I see it as taking control of my life :)

I'm allowed to use my bicycle so I'm going to jump on that in a couple of hours time. First time in about 10 years. I might even push the pedals around.

Good luck to everyone!


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12 Replies

  • Good morning Tiggerr

    I had a back problem last summer for the first time in my life and it was agony!!! So I have also been working on my core and muscle strength ☺

    It's early days but I do see an improvement ☺

    Enjoy your bike ☺ I find it much more effective if you push the pedals!!! Lol 😁😁😁

  • Hi Tiggerr Have you looked at Pilates or yoga at all? I had a double hernia op a few years back and my surgeon really recommended Pilates for improving core strength. I have to say it is great and has worked wonders. At my leisure centre they do a rehab Pilates class which I imagine is a bit more gentle but our teacher always gives options for bad backs, knees, etc. Might be worth a look alongside your spreadsheet options? Good luck and hope the back improves soon.

  • Hi Ewil, good luck, I'm with you on this, thanks

  • Good luck Ewillday, I second Pilates to build up your core muscles. I've found the exercises have made a great difference to my flexibility and strength.

  • Hi. I think before you jump in and start exercising I would take the time to speak to a Personal Trainer like me. Even if you just have one session. I see so many people in our gym with bits of paper that they have got from the internet doing exercises that an online "expert" has recommended. Most of them are not being done correctly and some are even dangerous. After injury you need to be very careful especially about building up your core. People will tell you the best exercise is a plank. They are correct but the majority of people cannot do a plank correctly and end up injuring themselves. The other great exercises for core are Squats/Deadlifts and Lunges. Again to get these right you need correct form and you can't learn this from the internet. If you are going to train at home I would suggest looking up local qualified PT's who specialise in home training to get you started.

  • Hi PTKeith I'm pretty sure I replied to this. Maybe I didn't submit it. Ho hum!

    Anyway, the gist of it was that you're right as the specialist told me to do much the same. I was just being stubborn/cheap skate (take your pick).

    Anyway, I'd come back to this post just to update you and say that I've left a message with a group that provide home PTs. I've let them know why and what I'm looking for.

    Thanks sincerely for the kick up the posterior (which by the way is sore already from the cycling) :)

  • Haha, I did my first spin class back in June and have done 3 a week since then so I have the classic Butt of Iron!!! Just keep the faith, keep pushing and take it steady. The first steps on a journey are always the hardest but you are doing the right thing.

  • Had my first session with a physio yesterday. She didn't hold back... poor:

    - posture

    - flat feet (even though I had them arched as a kid)

    - beer belly (I think I knew that one)

    Anyway, she started 'retraining me' and I've got a handful of exercises to start building my core before going back in 3 weeks and progressing to more 'advanced' exercises.

    Thanks again for the 'mental realignment' :)

  • That's fabulous news Wishing you all the very best 👍👍👍👍

  • I , too, have to do regular stretching to keep my back in shape, I've done it for twenty years and will always do it: in that time I've gone from barely able to walk to running 6.75k on Thursday. It can be frustrating sometimes but if it lets me live a life it's what I'll do. Good luck and good on you for getting your head around the idea that it's about taking control of YOUR life.

  • Thank you for that pollyp1 its good to hear from someone that's been there and done something about it and thank you for your support.

  • My pleasure.

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