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Sugar free February

I have signed up to sugar free February in aid of raising money for cancer research. I will be donating the money I usually spend on sweets at the end of the month and do have a fundraising page. Though I will put the link down so it's possible to donate, I was wondering if anyone else has joined up or wanted to do this as well. It's doesn't have to be done for a charity but just a personal challenge. I know that this will be a big challenge for myself as sugar is my kryptonite.

Link to sign up yourself


My link


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Well done MummyDebbie

Sounds like a win / win plan. Good luck. You may find you never want to go back xx


I don't understand the sugar thing as I can't stand anything sweet, even fruit.


Well done for doing this and informing us of this, I didn't know they were doing this so I do appreciate it. I have had three family members die of cancer so I have now also signed up to this as it means a lot to me.

My link is


I know this won't be hard for me to do as I don't have much sugar as it is. I do have some sweeteners and do want to stop having these so that is one good way to hopefully stop me having that.

Many thanks


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