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The Power of Words

I've read a really good book 'You can be thin' by Marissa Peer and I think she's so right. She writes 'Loss is a negative word which we associate with bad things. Gain is a positive word which we associate with good things'.

Agreed? No, not when we are aiming to become slimmer. No wonder it's so hard to 'lose' weight and so easy to 'gain' weight, our brain just doesn't get it! It's in our nature to want to get back things we have lost. I'm making a conscious effort to say 'I've shed 5lbs', or 'I'm becoming slimmer' or 'my waist is decreasing'. After all, mind of matter, and if it helps...xx

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Very interesting.

I like it when I lose myself in a book,

but I get the idea that we should be talking about gaining our figure or health back.

Words are powerful. I was heavily praised as a child for clearing my plate and encouraged to have seconds. I think my parents were proud of my good appetite especially after their first child was described as picky eater.

I'm now becoming a picky eater .... That is to say I pick healthy choices :)

Great post ANewMe2017


Thanks for the recommendation. I read everything I can about the subject (notice I didn't say weight loss!!) 😊


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