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Hui guys I do not understand that the calories the NHS weight guide states that I should eat 1415 - 1819 as I am inactive????? this seems far too much to me, surely the more inactive one is the less calories one should eat??? for low activity they are 1506 - 1936, is it me or are these figures far too high, hence the non weight loss? All diets in past state a far lower calorie intake. Would someone please explain this to me?


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  • It all depends on how heavy you are to start with; a larger person needs more calories just to move around, and can initially lose weight on quite a high calorie allowance. As they get smaller, they then can lower the calories eaten to keep the weight loss going. If you start off too low, you have no room to manoeuvre. I found a target calorie level of 1400-1500 was enough to stop me having a binge/rebound reaction, and enabled me to lose a pound a week whilst I was logging my food and using an online calorie counter to keep track of my food and drinks.

  • I have same amount to lose, thank you for replying, no weight lose as yet mind

  • It does seem quite high, you just have to think of how many calories you would normally have and how these numbers compare. If they're much lower then this will help you lose weight, if not you may need to lower them more!

    Try a few days with one limit and one on another and see which one feels more manageable - 2000 calories of clean food adds up to a large amount and frequent eating, so you might find it easier to eat less.

    There's a lot of trial and error, the Internet can never know what is right specific to you!

  • thank you I guess you right trial and error, I just find it difficult to eat that many calories a day

  • I thought the same as you - my lowest calorie intake is 1731 on the NHS BMI calculator (can't remember what it went up to) - I thought that's way too much but it said I could lose 1-2lb a week on that if I stick to the lower end. I've stuck to approx 1500cal a day and lost 4lb in week 1 (I'm only on week 2 now), but have found that if I've planned ahead it's been working out okay and I've not ruled out anything to eat as long as it's within the 1500cals, I even managed 3 chocolate oaty biscuits last night as a treat.

  • Have a look at this, Jayney, before making the decision to reduce your calories :)


  • Hi Thing is if we eat too low it messes our body's up so if someone wants to lose 6 stone starting at 1300 calories means as you lose weight you can't go much lower so at maintence you'll need less calories for life

    Google bmr TDEE it explains a lot

    Tbh weightloss is individual to us all

    Age medication health diet history intolerances hormones food sensitivity

    I'd start researching bmr and TDEE and then a calculator to work out how much deficite you should eat to lose weight :)

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