Managing Gorging ?

Managing Gorging ?

Hello there my friends.... have any of you successfully managed to overcome 'gorge' eating ? Apart from just not having it in the house which is the option I have to go for .... what tips or techniques, anything, have you employed to successfully change gorging to moderation ? IS it possible ???? I'm really interested in this so your replies on this will be helpful ..... by the way the photo is of a huge bowl of chocolate ganache I made for Christmas desserts! I 'did' refrain from strapping my face to the bowl ..... or did I 😉


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6 Replies

  • Step away from the ganache Trierisme


    Yes, eat some hummus and cucumber. I bet you can't eat a whole one !


  • There are around 45 calories in a whole unpeeled cucumber.

    Go fill your boots 😁

    Hummus is protein rich which will help control gorging urges and balance your sugar levels.

    It's so easy to make !

    Good luck xx

  • I use the forum- if I feel that overwhelming urge to gorge I come on here. Listening to advice or dishing it out makes me reevaluate whether I eat the foods 😄

  • So true, exactly for me too.

    x x

  • I always make sure that I really fancy having something sweet that I know I struggle to stop eating

    I can have stuff in the house but just need to know I want it and that I have eaten decent meals beforehand so I know it isn't pure hunger

    Sometimes our body's crave something and we get the easiest thing but it might be because we are lacking something in our diet so again just make sure you've had enough and it's all balanced which I'm sure it will be

    When I do get that craving, say a biscuit for example, I will go and get one from the cupboard and walk back to where I am rather than fetching the packet with me, I make sure I solely concentrate on the texture and taste of it and savour it (usually distractors like the telly make it harder to concentrate) and eat it slowly, if after I've eaten I still want something I will leave it a minute or two to see if I still fancy it but usually I only need 2-3 and that's enough and I'd have to get back up and walk to the cupboard to get another so it tends to test how much I want it aha

    Another thing is maybe check that you aren't thirsty before getting a snack as sometimes our tummy's rumble when we are thirsty

  • I used to have a problem with carbs, especially sweet stuff. Now I keep to less than 50g of low Gi carbs per meal, and get most of my kcalories from natural fat.

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