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I felt hungry today

Today had been going great, but about half an hour ago I felt hungry. However it is about the choices I make, I had cleared my fridge, cupboard to ensure there was only good choices in the house and tonight has proven that this was a good decision. When clearing cupboard gave food to food bank. I am pleased I did this because I could only have good choices and I feel full now.


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Well done, what a good choice to give stuff to food bank. I took chocolates into work it food bank would have been a better choice.


Well done you, myself I feel stronger whilst bad calories are still around, weird I know but I was the same when I gave up smoking; if I had some in the house I could resist them, but if I was without I got in the car to get them... I guess we are all different and we have to do what works for us. Good luck


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well done for getting rid of all the temptation... I still have loads of stuff from xmas which the kids will eat eventually.. but so far so good as haven't been tempted yet.


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