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Starting out

Finally decided to do something about the clothes getting tighter, going upstairs getting harder and the horrid heartburn keeping me awake at night. I purchased my first set of weighing scales and on 2nd Jan was shocked to realise I am 12atone!

So I've decided to join this community looking for some support in my first serious attempt at a weight loss regime.

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Hello there, and a warm welcome! :-)

If you take a look at the pinned post area, you will find a post for newbies with lot's of useful pointers!

Incidentally, it is possible to get medication on prescription for the heartburn. I take it myself, but I am hoping that my weight loss will help so maybe I could give it up. It is safe to take and really helps.

Please enjoy the forum and feel free to post any questions, there is always someone around to help! Good luck! :-)


welcome to the forum...

healthy eating is all about changing your mindset and changing your eating habits for good.. you need to eat the right foods.. and move a bit more..... no special drinks or slimming aids required!

good luck x


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