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Hi I am new here.

I have been feeling ,fat, frumpy and fed up with how easy it is to put on so much weight and not having the gumption to stop it piling on for some time now. I have used every sorry excuse in the book as a reason not to go do the exercise and why it is ok to eat chocolate, cake, sweets etc etc or even just that extra helping. Berating oneself for past actions achieves nothing I know, however not keeping oneself in check is not being kind to oneself either and has only resulted in an ever increasing waistline and my present predicament.

I have no idea how much I currently weigh, I don't need the scales to tell me. Being out of breath at the tiniest amount of exercise , my 24 dress size and reflection in the mirror clearly show I am obese and unfit. So right here right now in my first post I am making some promises to myself.

1) I will do some physical exercise every day even when I am not in the mood to do so

2) I will control the amount and type of food that I eat to give me the best chance to lose weight and stay healthy.

3) I will stop using excuses to hinder my progress particularly those that in the past have triggered "emotional eating"

4) I will drop a dress size every 2 months with the aim of being a size 14 or below within 12 months

I know that there are many others on here that have similar goals /motivations and look forward to chatting to you along the way


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Good luck, you seem as if you are in the right head space now. Am sure you will do really well.


Hi thank you for reply. Just read your post and seems you are in the right head space as well.


When you can bear it get weighed. You'll be frustrated not to have a starting weight when you have more than halved your size I think. The great thing with exercise is you pretty much always feel better after doing it. Where will you start? Walking? I've seldom done exercise (even stuff that hurts at the time) and thought "I shouldn't have done that" or "I feel worse about myself for doing that".


Hi. I know you can do it! You have 4 really sound steps. Weighing yourself might help. Could the nurse do it and write it in your file and then tell you in a few months how much you have lost? My surgery offered for me to have a monthly check with the nurse - maybe this would work for you, good luck!


Hello jean_newday and welcome to the forum. I hope you find the site as supportive and motivating as i have done. Your promises are very positive. I think the best piece of advice that I had on here was to set small goals. There is no rush and with smaller goals the inevitable plateaus and set backs are not quite so devastating. Have you managed to look at the Welcome Newbies post in the pinned posts on the right hand side of the screen it gives lots of helpful information about how to use the site and links to the 12 week plan which many of us have used with great success. I wish you great luck and determination :)

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sounds like a plan to me.............you go girl and the best of luck, just keep saying I can I will and put a photo of yourself on fridge/cupboard door, another tip is use a smaller plate for all food, good luck


You have just described me!! I am new to this ( again).I've read a few comments from time to time but haven't actually tried to address my problems as it seems hopeless and insurmountable. I get really depressed.


Thank you for comments. I finally plucked up courage to see nurse and was referred to weight management course. After a 6 week wait I had first session in the week, phycologist session and then weigh in. 22stone 11 lbs. Next appointment Wednesday


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