Five year weight loss journey.... but so worth it!

Five year weight loss journey.... but so worth it!

My weight loss journey began on February 24th 2012 - the year I was going to be 50...... I weighed 14 stone and was a size 24. I am only 4ft 9".....

This was the first time I'd tried to lose weight by counting calories and monitoring what I eat - seems simple really, count the calories going in! Most food is extremely well labelled these days, and I use an online database to work out how many calories my food contains.

Many, many failed attempts at losing weight from the age of 9 years (Weight Watchers, Slimming World). Always been overweight. I have a physical disability that considerably restricts my mobility (I use a wheelchair outside of the house), and my already limited mobility was further limited following a leg injury I sustained in an RTA in 2002 - when I ended up having an ankle fusion and my already reduced mobility was further reduced....

Really felt the additional weight I was carrying about in my lower back, knees and damaged ankle. I really wanted to do something about it before it got to the point where another stone had crept on!

During my journey I thought of the additional weight I was carrying around in terms of newborn babies! I was over 5 stone overweight, and therefore if an average newborn weighs 7lb, I was carrying around 10 newborn babies - without a break!!!! Phew! No wonder getting around was hard work!

I have a very supportive husband who's keen to see me fitter and in considerably less pain.... He doesn't need to lose weight, but he enjoys food and cooking, eats what I do and we both eat healthily and have made changes to our lifestyle (eating out less, avoiding too many indulgent "treats").

I got to my goal weight (9st 7lbs) in September 2014. I am now a size 16 and have bounced around between 9st 3lbs and 11 stone.

Maintaining is a challenge! I have been up a couple of stone and then back down - I know I'm going to have to be very careful not to regain the weight I have lost and undo my hard work. I don't want to be 14 stone again. My pain has reduced and I feel more confident and happier. I have more energy. I can move about easier.

I have used 5:2 fasting regularly, and more recently Michael Mosley's 8 week Blood Sugar Diet - which I think really suits me. It involves cutting out wheat products (bread, pasta, cereal, oats), rice, anything with sugar added and ensuring that you eat lots of "healthy" non-saturated fats - full milk yogurt, nuts, small amounts of cheese, oily fish, avocado, etc. Basically a Mediterranean diet. You eat a maximum of 800 calories a day, but because you are eating the healthy fats, you feel fuller for longer. I have found it really quite easy as unlike 5:2, you can eat every day and it's easy to eat out and avoid the "forbidden" foods!

Oh, and I have a blog, that I don't post to regularly enough to. It's about my weight loss journey, exercise and also I share my recipes as I love to cook!


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27 Replies

  • Well done pineapple27 that's a fantastic loss and you look great :)

  • You look fabulous - well done (and LOL at the cheeky name of your blog)!

  • You look great. An inspiration!

  • Your weight loss is amazing and it has taken years off you. Thank you for sharing the link to your blog. Xx

  • Well done Pineapple. Amazing result. It must be extra difficult to maintain if you are not able to exercise as much. I maintain by eating exactly what I want but running the excess calories off🙂

  • I remember you from wlr. Glad to see you've kept the weight off!

  • Still on WLR! Still need to make use of all the tools, particularly the food logging and the ability to create recipes.

  • I now use my fitness pal!

  • Great post. You've done brilliantly and congratulations 🎉👏

    Thanks for the blog link, I will definitely be trying out some recipes - they look delicious 😋

  • Well done! You look fantastic. And well done for keeping it off, truly that's the hard bit.

  • Oh you look great! And 10 years younger.

  • Wow what an achievement well done on your weight loss you look amazing xx

  • A journey well trodden, Pineapple, well done you :)

    Your blog is fantastic and it's going to take me a while to read it all, but I'm really excited to try some of your recipes, thanks for sharing :)

  • Brilliant weight loss! You seem very well organised. Took a look at your blog, copied and pasted the mediterranean veg and quinoa bake to my recipe looks yum!


  • Hi me again I thought you looked a lovely person in your head and shoulders picture so now I have read this I know you are a lovely person I am a physiotherapist by the way I need to lose ten stone but am 5-6 in so if you can do it I am hoping I can I will read your blog later must get on and make evening meal My husband is like a stick even I don't know what he weighs . He is embarrassed how thin he is and would never take his trousers off in public . Like you I enjoy cooking . I will be 69 this year You are amazing I am so grateful we met

  • Awww, I am pleased you found my story helpful. I go to a Physiotherapy Centre regularly for massage, manipulation, acupuncture and I also have recently started one-to-one Pilates exercises for an hour every other week. That all really helps me with my pain - I am thankful that I don't need to take anything stronger than Paracetamol - and even then, only occasionally.

    I actually turned my love of cooking around and made it a tool to help me lose weight. I love nothing more than to try different recipes that I find online. I post meal ideas on the "Healthy Eating" thread regularly. Just about to post one now (venison).

    I don't up-date my blog regularly enough! I should! But losing weight and my daily exercise takes priority at the moment - the blog up-dates can wait!

  • Hi remember me Just to say somehow I put on three pounds this week No walking cos of the weather and maybe too much starch or sweet fruits Hoping for better weather this week but I am very busy so don't know how I will fit it in .i do a lot of cooking for other people two lunch clubs , children's club, mums who have just had babies etc I am seeing nurse on Tuesday for general health check My appt for MRI scan has come and follow up at hospital 19th 20th feb Hope you are doing well too .

  • Oh dear! Thankfully my exercise doesn't depend on the weather, as I do it inside in the warm! In the garage "gym" when the weather gets less damp and a bit warmer, and then I also start lots of gardening chores too, which is great as I don't really see it as "exercise" but know I burn calories!

    I don't think fruit can do that much damage (unless you are really eating lots and lots!) but I know that my portion sizes had to reduce significantly for me to lose weight. Even now, I weigh out quantities for the more calorific things (cheese, oils, butter, cream, etc). You don't need a lot of these to enjoy them!

    Roast gammon with leeks in a creamy white sauce, mashed swede and carrots and brussel sprouts for dinner here....

    I am really working hard for a loss this week, as I want to get into the "9 stone somethings". Weigh in for me this week was 10st 0.2lbs!

  • Thanks for writing I don't eat any cheese cream oils butter because of my gall bladder infection . I need to eat smaller portions then and see what happens . I eat different meal to my husband most of the time . I do eat yogurt and watch the labels carefully Glad to know you are doing so well

  • Oh yes, no fats? I'd forgotten, sorry! Luckily my hubbie eats what I eat - but he had roast potatoes and parsnips with his. Have you tried using a smaller plate? Even a tea plate? And eat really slowly.... like make an effort to chew every mouthful twenty times (amazing how much longer it takes!) I also start every meal with a glass of water, as that helps to make me feel fuller for longer. It's also really important to eat "mindfully" (don't sit in front of the TV and eat).

    I found this website: you are quite restricted on what you can eat, and I have to admit that the recommended foods don't get me too excited... You have my sympathy!

  • Thanks I am going to do the water thing I have read that on the newbies site . I am sorry to say we do eat on our laps watching TV that's my husbands doing He has a kit Kat for his breakfast then goes to his allotment or out If I have meals on my own cos he is out I don't have TV on I have just had dinner fish sea bass green beans broad beans tomato followed by apricots and plain yogurt I don't eat red meat or cured meats

  • What a star you are. I am hoping to do the same. I had my first walk today around our local health centre. Kind regards George.

  • Had not seen this previously Pineapple27 as you posted it before I joined. I have to say you look fabulous in your "after" photograph. Your determination, and support of others, is a credit to you.

    I really enjoyed reading your post.



  • Awww, thanks so much for your very complimentary posts! I think I want to encourage and support others, as I know how much my health and mobility have been positively impacted on because of the weight I've lost.

  • You certainly do motivate and encourage others, thank you.

  • Congrats Pineapple, you look fantastic, what an great achievement and personal development for you. Very inspiring and motivating. Thank you for sharing X

  • Lovely transformation x

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