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Instant Porridge Pots

Instant Porridge Pots

So I am terrible for eating breakfast in the morning.

My favorite breakfast is porridge. So I recently decided to make my own instant porridge pots (because why pay £1 at the supermarket or £1.90 in cafe nero's when porridge oats are 60p in the supermarket)

For the life of me I couldn't work out previously why just putting oats and boiling water together just didn't do the trick and what was magical about store brought instant porridge pots that makes it work. Then I discovered it was really simple... dried skimmed milk, and a lid to let it steam.

I would love to do stove porridge properly but I would rather ensure I have something than nothing (which tends to be most days) for breakfast.

So I brought 3 microwaveable soup containers from pound land and set out playing with measurements.

I think I have the perfect mix to duplicate store brought instance porridge pots

45g Oats

20g Dried skimmed milk

A teaspoon of sweetener (optional)

145g of boiling water. (once you've done this the first time just mark a line on the pots with permanent marker)

Let it steam with the lid on for 2-3 minutes and it comes out with a near perfect consistency.

Is it as good as stove made porridge, nah (but it is just as good as any other instant porridge pot), but it will ensure that you can always have breakfast at work in the morning, without high prices.

I am back at work next week and plan to bring in every Monday my breakfasts ready for each morning, boil the kettle and enjoy whilst the work computer boots up :)

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Both my kids eat porridge on school days, so I always cook it on the stove. But this is a great idea!

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Hi thanks for that recipe how many calories are in it? plus you can add apricots/fruits/banana etc after cooking.

I am going. To try this one thanks again. 👍

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Hi there, yea put anything you fancy on it once cooked.

I made calculations as follows (obviously without toppings or sweetener)

237.4 Kcal

3.33g Fat

0.56g of which saturates

38.10g Carbohydrate

11.4g of which sugars

3.75g Fibre

12.00g Protein

0.25g Salt


This is a great idea for porridge fans - brilliant for winter!

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I've recently got into overnight porridge. I have soya milk as I'm dairy intolerant, but it works with any milk, also yogurt apparently...

25g oats

10g sunflower seeds

150ml soya milk

1 tsp honey

Leave in a small tupperware pot in the fridge overnight, it goes kind of solid, so no leakages on the way to work. Then you can either have it cold or heat up in the microwave (add a bit of water/milk if you prefer it less solid!)

Love the ingenuity of your homemade porridge sachets. I also just get the tesco everyday value 60p oats. It's what you do with them that counts :)


overnite the best way to have it


45 gr of oats is a lot. No more than 30gr. Is nearer the mark


Depends how much weight you have to lose!


A serving of porridge oats is 40g, so 45g is only slightly over. But it's about what satisfies you as well, so if you feel satieted on 30g, then stick with that.


I do buy the instant oat pots...3 for £1 at Home Bargains. I maybe eat 2 or 3 a week. At the weekend we often make a pan full, we

Use 50-60g per person and feel full for ages after.

60g a day can help bring down cholesterol levels


I do something similar - love porridge. I add some ground spices to mine at the moment (ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves) to make it taste like chai. Yum. Am thinking about trying a teaspoon of cocoa next week.


I think the trick is to add a pinch of salt - it brings out a sweet flavour in the oats.

I make up half a cup of oats (which is around 40-45g) with 1 cup of water and a semi-generous pinch of salt. I'm not normally one to add salt to my food, so this is the exception, but it makes a difference!

I also notice a difference when you use hard water or soft water. I filter my water before using it now.


Cheat's Cheap Chocolate Orange Porridge

1 sachet instant Aldi Porridge ( 69 p for carton of 10)

2 tsps of Options Chic Orange powder .

Tip: Mix Porridge first then add any flavour Options you fancy.

140 Cal's .


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