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A somewhat great first day

I'm quite proud of myself. I stayed within my calorie limit and drank lots of water. It's more impressive than it sounds because I'm on holiday this week. Normally I do better when I'm at work so this is a big deal for me.

However, some of those calories came from a Snickers bar, which I'm not proud to admit... I'm an emotional eater and it's been quite a stressful day for me. Scratch that, a stressful month. Between my roommate moving out and me buying an apartment, and also with everything breaking down at this rented apartment, I turned to food for comfort. At least it was only one bar so it could have been worse.

Hoping for a good day tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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Well done for having a good first day, Lou :)

I think you'll find, that must people who calorie count, work treats into their allowance andthat way, they're not considered "bad". It may be for you, that allowing yourself 1 Snickers bar, stopped you from eating an entire cake, or all the contents of the biccy barrel! :)

Congratulate yourself for having a good first day and look forward to day two! :)


Smart words! Thank you ;)


Good morning LouGr and well done on completing the first day, which is always the more difficult. 😊 The longer you stay on plan the easier it gets I promise 😊

With regards to emotional eating and stress, there is a well recognised connection so well done on just eating one bar of .Snickers 😊 You are having a very stressful time, but just think of all the exercise moving onto your new home 😊 I hope it's not too long to wait

Good luck and Best wishes


It's a few months away because the family there need time to move out. I never looked at it that way but hell I'm going to have loads of exercise, especially since I don't have a car so I will need to take lots of stuff on foot, taking many trips. Now I can't wait the moving even more :D

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