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Cold walking this Saturday morning (6th day)

I almost did not go today. I had and extra rice cake(2) because I was a bit more hungry this morning with no salt and peanut butter along with cereal and my fiber. I thought with that then I would not extra at supper time. I had to really think that extra rice cake would not put on weight and it would not ruin my day and my week of eating at the best as it was. I was concentrating getting out there and moving. It took me awhile but I did go. That it how some of my binges start. Where I eat extra like a normule person My thinking goes into perfect mode and that I was not perfect enough so I miles well go to the dollar store get sugar and salt goodies and gorge and I now eat in front of people going home where I used to be embarrassed to do it And the store is only 7 - 10 minute walk. To close for comfort. Why can't I think there is no perfect person in this world. My binge/some purging eating disorder is surrounding around perfectism. I will be starting the gym track on Monday and I will take a timer with me. I walk a half hour walk and not a minute under. I have become better with walking outside if I have to stop at a side walk for a car that is not minutes off my walk and it is not the perfect time walk. Well today I am going clothes shopping for winter and hopefully it will not discourage me I decided to not to walk on Sunday. And start on Monday with the gym a bit warmer and that is just a 5minute walk. where I live I am central to everything even a grocery store same mall as dollarma. and if they are closed I can go the a drug store closes at midnight. How convenient is that for a binger/purger. chat soon !.

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Hi Wadestreet,

Well done for going out for a walk today, as I know you nearly didn't due to the cold weather! I know you're planning on a rest day tomorrow. I'm doing things the other way round to you - today was my rest day, and I'll hope to get out for a walk tomorrow. :-)

I know you're planning to do some Winter clothes shopping today, so I hope you enjoy it, and find some great items.

Well done for getting through the week and managing so well, you're doing really really well and I hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Lowcal :-)


You are perfect enough with or without the binge eating. You can definitely do it!!!


Good luck for completing your first week. You've done ace especially considering everything you're contending with. Remember if things feel like they go wrong or you have a blip, so many of us have done exactly the same, it's not the end of the world, just get back on plan straight away. A good thing to do is go out for a walk with just your keys no money. Sometimes that gives you enough distance to get your thoughts in order again. Also just post on here straight away, we're all here to support each other whether things are going ace or even if things get more difficult. :)


Ruth had a good words. The ides of going out without money for a walk and only your keys will help stop flash shopping. Clear your house of items you can binge on keep only healthy items veggie's are great for snacking. Cut a bunch and keep them ready!

Be gentle with yourself on day you are not perfect we all have dips and highs. The gym will be wonderful you will meet others make it a plan. Stay in touch with us always we are here to support you.


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