Foods high in Vitamin B12

I've looked online but if I believe everything on every site, then every food would be high in this vitamin. Since I've found out I have pernicious anemia I've tried suppliments but I cannot swallow tablets and the fizzy ones upset my gallblader somehow.

Can anyone tell me say the 3 or 4 best foods high in Vitamin B12 that would give me a boost, as to be honest I'm fed up with feeling lightheaded and bumping into things all the time, as for my memory well I can't remember ever having one! I just want to feel well again. Many thanks if you can help x


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11 Replies

  • A lot of food is fortified with it, like cereals, bread and milk. It is also very high in fish.

    I am vegan, so I take a supplement, there are some supplements that are a liquid and you spray it under your tongue. I have seen it for sale on Amazon at around £20 (it lasts ages).

    I hope you feel better soon!

  • Try marmite and Engevita nutritional yeast. They can both be mixed into things to add flavour. Use marmite wherever you might think of adding stock. Nutritional yeast is good mixed into mashed potato, omelette, homemade pesto, wherever you might add cheese, as it has a cheesey flavour. You need to go to a health food shop for the Nutritional Yeast (but not Holland & Barrett, they don't sell it).

    Have you also looked into feroglobin? It comes as a liquid, they sell it in Boots and Holland & Barrett, take a spoonful twice a day. I swear by it for iron, but I'm not anaemic, I just run low sometimes. It definitely contains B12.

    Good luck :)

  • I was going to mention Engevita too, fab stuff

  • Eggs def help me, I used to get mouth ulcers being low on vit b, esp if you don't eat masses of leafy greens

  • I also get those mouth ulcers, didn't know it was vit b related. Good to know eggs help too :)

  • Engevita is fab as you know, I tend to use it as a sprinkle food, breakfast if not up too early is scrambled eggs on toast

  • If you're not vegetarian, one food with a high B12 level is liver. It's a very nutrient dense food, along with other organ meat, unfortunately not eaten much nowadays. We like to eat our liver with bacon and a variety of green vegetables. Or perhaps try some good quality steak once a week?

    You could also look for the B12 spray which can be absorbed under the tongue, or ask your doctor if you need injections.

  • Thank you all so much, there is a lot for someone with a headful of cotton wool! I'll get some of the feroglobin tomorrow and the spray stuff ( is it the one with the blue label LessToLose ? As for marmite well it's on the list too, I used to love it. Engevita is a new one to me but I'll try anything twice. Xx

    Many thanks again. Xx

  • I think you can also get the feroglobin stuff in tablet form. I don't know how this would affect your stomach/gallbladder though. The liquid stuff is good 😊

  • Thanks misstippytoes . My throat clams up when I try to take tablets so I'll stick to the liquid. I'm getting some today and the spray is on the way. X

  • they are quite large tablets - the spray sounds good. Think I might get some if that myself. The liquid is quite fast absorbing as well x

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