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Day 5 and had a sneaky weigh in but now wish I hadnt

Hidden2019 August

So after an evening enjoying a few glasses of wine on both Thursday and Friday I shouldn't be too shocked but after 5 days it seems I have lost only 2 lbs on my first week. I should be happy with 2 lbs but annoyed at myself that wine has probably halted and sabotaged my weight loss.

I am happy to be 2lbs lighter though and it is certainly better than nothing, so I am trying to focus on that instead of my usual "well I may as well give up" if I can't socialise.

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nteapea1st 7lbs

But that is brilliant any loss is a good loss 😀 you can have wine but just count it in your calories. If we are going to change our life styles to healthier ones we have to work within the parameters of the real world. We have to socialise to stay sane so we have to factor that in 😀 even for the sake of a lb here or there. You have achieved great things this week with a 2 lb loss 😀 onwards and downwards

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Yep, we have to socialise to stay sane, although we don't need to drink alcohol to socialise.


Don't beat yourself up :) it could be a different story in two days time! and even if it isn't, 2lbs is a great loss in your first week. it shows all the positive changes you've managed to make and right at the start it's always hard to change all your habits :) if you'd go a bit mad giving up the wine then at least u know u can still have it and lose weight! sounds like a success to me and you can always try to not have it next week to see if it really makes a big difference but if u count the calories of it into your allowance it should be fine :) we can't give up everything that we enjoy! Otherwise it wouldn't be sustainable :)

a 2 lb loss is excellent. You should be feeling pleased with yourself about this !! Here's to the next 2 !!

kalahuchi6 stone

This happened to me once; I was unhappy with a 1lb weight loss though. The next day I took a 500g pack of margerine (about the same as 1lb) out of the fridge and carried it around with me all the next day. I was so glad to put it back that evening and I have never moaned about a 1lb loss ever again.

Try carrying 2lb around with you for a while tomorrow; I guarantee you will be feeling pretty smug about your fantastic weight loss pretty soon.

I'm so glad you are talking yourself around; feeling positive about ourselves makes such a difference. I eat out and socialise all of the time (4 days out this week alone) so it is possible to eat sensibly and live a full and happy life. Just allow for the extra calories in your daily allowance and it works out just fine. x

Ruby81 stone
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Well said kalahuchi. Great idea about carrying the margarine around!

Ruby81 stone

2lbs is excellent, that's good progress for a week! Hang on in there, you are obviously doing something right to lose those 2 lbs! So my advice is relax, pat yourself on the back and keep going! :-)

Onwards and downwards!

Hidden2019 August

Thank you all. It's so lovely knowing that there is a fantastic community out there for support 😊

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