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Day 5 and feeling good!

Hi everyone. So I'm now on day 5 and think I have found a good balance on portion sizes etc. My fitness pal app is a blessing haha! Of course the 12 week plan helps so much too. Currently still on week 1. I've noticed all this fruit and veggies giving me much more energy , im mainly focusing on eating lots of protein too. I'm suffering a terrible cold and was a little naughty on day 3 but all within calorie allowance, and I'm certainly not making a habit of it . Trying to break that habit of food being an emotional crutch! Exercise has been basic to get the hang of things this week and feeling ill; dancing around the house with earphones in and walking ALOT more.

I hope everyone is doing well and going to be good on the weekend 😃 for me the weekend is my struggle it is an excuse for me to eat a little naughtier than usual on diets (for some reason, I've never known why!) in the past but not this time , this will be the real test!! excited for my weigh in on Monday, even if ive stayed the same I won't be disappointed because I'm making lifetime changes once and for all and already proud of myself for that! :)

Happy Friday xx

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well done and it is great that you are feeling so positive. Weekends are hard. I try to really plan lovely meal that I put a lot of effort into but that are low in calories. That way it seems like more of a treat.

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Well done getting to day 5. We must have started together. I have to confess to wine last night as my weekend starts on Thursday. Why are weekends so hard? I have been pondering on that this morning and although psychologically I know I don't have work I do want to enjoy my day off to the max and not feel guilty or sluggish or have a foggy head! I am sabotaging my well earned day off and my weight loss journey! I will keep saying this to myself and hope it helps change my mindset. Have a good weekend 😊

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I suppose the trouble with weekends is the lack of routine and the general feeling of being able to relax! At least, that's the feeling I get.

As I have a lot to get ready for Remembrance Sunday this weekend, hopefully I'll be too distracted to do any sneaky snacking! ;)


Well done 😊 You are sounding so positive it is inspiring to read 😊🎉👏🎈😊


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