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Hi everyone, I am new here. I've just started out on my weight loss journey (properly and sensibly) and feeling for the first time ever completely motivated.

A little background info: I'm 25, I'm 5 foot 5, and JUST under 16 stone. Over the last two years I've had two little girls and have managed to lose 3 stone and keep it off (largely due to horrendous morning sickness, but I haven't let it creep back up!). I would like to lose six stone altogether, but know to be realistic and set achievable goals. HOWEVER ..

I AM HAVING A NIGHTMARE WITH FOOD. Please, give me some ideas or point me in the right direction for suitable foods/recipes to help aid in this weight loss journey. Grilled chicken, broccoli and wholewheat pasta is making me sick just looking at it again.

I'm not a snacky person and don't binge eat, however due to having two young children, often I skip meals (breakfast), have a really rubbish lunch later on and then don't have dinner until late at night. I'm trying to curb this as I know meal times are just as important as what you are putting into your body.

Thanks in advance! X

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It's hard. But the best advice I could give is to do a meal plan for the week. I know it's hard with young children. Stay positive and determined


You need two things; an online calorie counter so you know when you have had your 1500 or so calories, and access to the internet for some inspiration. Buy something like an Aubergine or a Squash and google recipes using .....(type in whatever you are cooking) and then give it a go! Be imaginative and adventurous - it can become quite a hobby. Get the children involved - they can play with pieces of dough or weigh things for you - all very educational for them too. Concentrate on using foods with a high water, low sugar and low fat content, but include some protein foods which are satisfying and good for building muscle. You can even post a picture of your resulting dish for our inspiration!


Hi, lots of yummy recipes in the topics section and if you google low calorie recipes. Also the change for life smart recipes site has good healthy recipes. I think your key to success will be planning, you're understandably busy with two young children, but maybe in the evening plan your breakfasts and lunches for the next day. If you skip meals or eat unnourishing food you will get hungry and not be able to stick to plan. Good luck!


Hi I'm not an expert but I think you need to view this as healthy eating opposed to a diet. It should be a way of eating for life. Not using the word diet takes the pressure off.

Planning your meals for the day is really helpful and if possible including breakfast.

I tend to eat what I have always ate but just smaller portions.

I am careful with bread but do eat bread daily changed to wholemeal.

I have changed the way I cook slightly. Cook most meat on a George Forman but also have smaller portions and add extra salad or veg.

I do have chips once a week but cooked in the oven and only about 6-8. Or sweet potato chips again oven baked. This answers the craving and your not missing out.

If I get hungry for a snack then I have a piece of fruit opposed to a biscuit or crisps. Small changes again.

We didn't get overweight in 12 weeks and we won't lose it in 12 weeks it's not a sprint it's a marathon we are in it for the longhaul.

Lovely people on this site do post recipe's so keep an eye out for them.

We all help each other. As an example if your fed up with chicken being cooked the way you do it - why don't you post asking for cooking suggestions.

Hope that goes someway in helping 😊


Hi Emilymay1992,

Are you knew here? If so, welcome!

I have 4 kids aged 6, 4, 3 and 1. I understand 💯 % where you're coming from, but what works for me is planning and a very strict routine with the kids. I guess yours are under 2 and I've done that three times over and it's very difficult 😂

First of all, have you checked your daily calorie allowance on the NHS calculator? If you haven't, work out how many calories you can eat per day. Try and think of this as a healthy eating plan rather than a diet, which means in theory most of your diet should be healthy, but you can have treats - 🍪 🎂 🍟 , providing they are counted in your calories.

I'm exactly the same height as you, but 36 and have been up to 16 stone. I'm now 10st 5lb - but struggling to lose a few more pounds to get me a bit more inside the healthy weight range. It is doable 😊, but it takes time.

Hun you must eat breakfast - you need energy to look after the kids . Can't you eat with them? I eat round the table with my kids - it's very noisy, but social and it's often when they communicate most. My husband does night work, so dinner time is just me and them a lot of the time.

Do you enjoy cooking? Have a look at the change4life app. Lots of nice meals all calorie counted, good ideas for yummy breakfasts too and maybe cook a big batch of something and freeze down?

Plan meals for the week, buy shopping accordingly - I do online shopping, much less stressful, but whatever works for you.

You can do this! Good luck ☘️



Yes I'm a newbie here! Gosh, you must be so busy with four little ones running around!! Hats off to you!

Yes, breakfast is the hardest one for me. After sorting the babies out I either don't fee like eating or just grab a quick snacky piece of toast as I'm heading out the door etc! It's a real tricky one for me! I'm going to make a real effort to sit down with the girls and eat with them, because typically I'll feed them and then sort my own out at another time, but I think this will really help.

I've just downloaded change for life recipes and have started my online food shop, so fingers crossed I'm on the right track!

Thank you for replying x

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You're welcome. Yes it is pretty hectic at home 🏡 lol

That sounds like a good plan.

This is a wonderful forum, everyone will help you out here. We all have our own reasons why we find it hard to lose weight and it my take a long time, but it does work.

Some weeks you may find you gain or maintain, but just keep going and it will work.

Anytime you need anything, just post!

Take care and "see" you around 😘


Heya. Sounds like you need some flavours and sauces and stuff. Remember youre not on a 'diet' so you dont have to eat boring diet food. Maybe try:

•garlicky tomatoey bolognese made with lean mince

•pasta with prawns, tomatoes and chilli

•chicken tikka, cucumber raita, rice

• veg roast in olive oil, garlic and herbs

•Broccoli and cauliflower soup

•lentil and butternut squash curry

•beef and pak choi stirfry with lots ginger, garlic and soy sauce.

Maybe just browse the net for easy recipes, or buy a couple of second hand cook books from amazon. Sounds like you need inspiration and to get enthusiastic about food again!

Wishing you every success.

Ps- if youre not not eating breakfast cos youre rushed in mornings, could you make overnight oats the night before? I like making it with oats, plain full fat yog, chia seeds, frozen berries (which thaw overnight) and honey.


I have been getting really lazy with breakfast so I have started preparing it the day before as I'm getting ready for bed. I literally weighed porridge and added milk and water and put it in the fridge. That way I just had to microwave it the following morning. Or I eat cereal biscuits - these aren't the best way to start to day but a definite improvement on having nothing :)

For meal ideas I go through all of my recipe books and put a Post-it note on the pages I like and when I find an online recipe I print it out for future reference :) because cooking new things takes a lot more effort than boring normal meals, I aim to do at least one new/delicious recipe a week :) this breaks up the monotony and gives me something to look forward to. Planning one less-easy meal feels less daunting than everyday being something different, and eventually you'll have lots of nice recipes you can choose from throughout the week that you are familiar with :) I hope this helps!

Well done on your weight loss so far, especially when competing with looking after your children. :) you're going in the right direction but it definitely doesn't have to be boring! Good luck!

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Visit your nearest Asian supermarket and ask their advice on herbs and spices food need never be boring ever again ! We had a vegan stir fry no fats and it was finished off with stir fried shredded Brussels sprouts and leek, we had caraway in the main stir fry and the flavours were awesome 😋

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Thank you all for taking the time to comment. Some great ideas here and it's made me feel tonnes better already. Especially the breakfast oats! I didn't even think to prep breakfast before, but that will help massively.

I have downloaded the my fitness pal app. It's got a section where you can log your food and keep an eye on your calorie intake. It also logs your daily steps too. Has anybody else used this app before?

Thanks for making me feel welcome :)

Emily x


I'll have a look at that fitness pal app, thanks for that. I have only just joined this site and already feeling inspired in my quest for a healthy weight :-)


Hi there, Here are a few more ideas for you:

Sautee leeks, add chicken then add stock. Simmer and serve with tagliatelle,

Salmon, placed in a loose foil parcel and poached in the oven, served with new potatoes, and wilted spinach,

Bolognese sauce made with Quorn mince.=, (protein goodness without the animal fats) Make the tomatoey veg sauce first, season as you like, add the mince at the end. Serve with courgetti. You can eat loads of this for not many calories!

These are a few of my faves. :-)


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