Ugly fat belly bold hair guy

My name is syed and I m ugly face big belly and bold hair guy. I do part time job and I m sick and tired of being alone in my parents home I don't have friends and I never have a girlfriend even I am virgin also guise what my family members hate me and I feel that I m good for nothing. Please help me I m sick people mocking on me say that I m fat ugly old bold hair guy can anyone help me what should I do kindly !


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  • I really feel for you Syed. It must be so upsetting for you to feel this way. But I hope by joining here we can all help you on your journey to be a happier and healthier you 😆

    I would recommend you look at the nhs12wk plan and download the sheets. It's helped me loose over 2stone since the beginning of March so it can definitely help you too.

    Join in with this forum as much as possible. If you can join in some challenges. I would recommend you weight in on a Monday as everyone is really supportive. If you have anything you want to ask there is never a stupid question ... we've all been there and done it!!!

    I hope you all the success with your weight loss journey and hope you find your happiness 😀

    Claire x

  • Thanks for your beautiful kind words I really need some friends and I m alone fat hair lost guy I don't have girlfriend at all I really need a girlfriend who love me a lot but maybe I m not handsome

  • Yes I know but most of my friends mocking me they say nobody girl ever wanna marry I because you are ugly fat I m so sad

  • Hi Saad619, welcome. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Firstly I think, you need to love yourself, then undoubtedly love will find you. Dont rush things, think of you first and what you want to achieve. Small steps, as suggested the 12 week plan is a great start, a week at a time. This is a fantastic community here, we all have our own personal journeys and we are all here to support each other. One step and a time. Be positive, you can do it, what is there to lose, go for it and prove your friends wrong. Be strong.

  • Cold comfort I know Syed, but the people who mock you aren't likely to be high on the intelligence spectrum.

    Concentrate on things you have got control over, eat low GL, delicious real food

  • Most women look for a kind smile, a considerate nature, someone who is interested in them and their lives. A good sense of humour is essential and clean armpits and teeth! The rest of it is not quite so important, but take an interest in what you eat (look at the 12 Week programme as suggested) and look into taking up some healthy exercise like cycling or swimming to get you out of the house and into the world, where you will make new friends, some of whom might even be women! Good luck and let us know how things go.

  • Thanks for your all kind words it's encourage me alot

  • Hi Syed and welcome to this friendly supportive forum.

    First ignore those who mock you they probably have many issues with their own appearance anyway and are certainly not beautiful people to hurt someone else. Why don't you get the better of them and use the forum here to start your new healthy lifestyle, get encouragement and advice when you need it.

    As others have said start the 12 week plan, drink more water and up the exercise even if it is only walking more. Find your calorie allowance using the BMI checker and keep a check on all the calories you eat daily.

    It won't be long before you start to feel the benefits of loosing weight more energy, better fitting clothes and feeling fitter, hopefully your confidence will soar too.

    Let your parents know what you are doing so they can help with the meals etc ( healthy ones).

    One day a lovely lady will find you but don't be in a rush concentrate on yourself first show those making people how wrong they are. Above all most women like caring, loyal and honest partners above slimness or looks there are plenty of fabulous looking men out there who are complete idiots and not worth spending any time with.

    Start your journey for one person only yourself.

  • Thanks what's a beautiful encourage you did its really help me a lot thanks so much I need nice people's like u thanks again

  • Hi Syd. .take it from me beauty comes from within. .as for being a little folicly challenged. .ie balding real women don't care..It can even be quite sexy to the opposite sex..looks are very superficial. .its who you are and how you treat people that matter..try and love yourself. ..This forum will help you find a healthier lifestyle and diet..Make friends and hopefully make a difference. .All the best. .

  • Exactly what I was going to say! Thank you!😀

  • Thank so much for your encourage words friend it help me alot

  • Hi Syed,

    There is a saying - "those who mind don;t matter, and those who matter don;t mind" - which I think is very true. Anyone who criticises you for your weight and hasn't taken the trouble to get to know you, if they judge you by just one thing they are being stupid. You don;t really need to worry about them.

    What I'd say to you is: your weight is 99% under your control, so if you are fatter than you'd like to be, you can deal with it. It is not an easy job, but you can do it. Nobodoy can stop you if you are really determined.

    Re getting a happy relationship, I think Dartmoor Dumpling has given you good advice. I'd add - think about what you can offer a woman, this will give you confidence;

    - also, don;t look at women as objects, treat them as people, take a genuine interest in them. Believe me, women are so used to being ignored that any man who genuinely listens to them and takes them seriously is usually flattened in the rush, as women really respond to that. But it has to be genuine. Women don;t like to be looked on as objects.

    - maybe get some women friends as well as a girlfriend. I think both sexes learn a lot from their friends of the opposite sex. It can be useful to get the other side's opinions without worrying about whether they still love you.

    Hope that helps!

  • Wow that's make my day thanks a lot for encourage me so much I love u all people's who helped me thanks alot

  • Heya Syed. Dont listen to those people- they are the ones 'good for nothing' not you. What they do shows that they are not nice people.

    This is one of my fave vids on youtube about turning your life around, it is very inspirational. You might have seen it but its always worth a watch i think! Not saying you have to start doing tonnes of yoga but it just shows how you can change your life with perseverance.

    All the best

    Hedgehog ☺

  • Yes that is most beautiful video I ever seen

  • This is lovely albinohedgehog.

    Thank you so much for sharing 💜

  • 💜

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