Yippee lowest weight in Maintenance!

Having lost 2st and maintained it for sixteen months, I then struggled a bit last month and went up by five unwanted pounds and was slightly worried that I might be losing my grip on maintenance!!

So, for ten days I cut back to 1300 cals and did NOT eat back any exercise calories. Thrilled to say that yesterday morning I weighed in at 9st 9, my lowest since about 1996 !!

However we spent the rest of yesterday visiting my 73 year old sister, who is not very well and currently relaxing in Devon, and last night I had wonderful fish n'chips and wine with her....

But, no worries, this is real life and I just want to reassure people that Maintenance is not a static figure, it fluctuates up and down , just make sure that the "ups" are no more than 3-4 pounds before taking proper action!

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14 Replies

  • That's great news :-) very well done!! I know how hard you have worked. Congratulations :-) :-) :-)

  • Aw well done elliebath you've clawed it back.

    Sorry to hear that your sister isn't well and you enjoyed your shared fish n chips wrh your sister. What! no mushy peas???? Disaster darlng.

    Joking apart it's a lovely post. Sharing and caring what's better than that.

    I think there is always a strange feeling when you gain and or stick a slight panic comes over most people. Your back in control.

    Your an inspiration. Keep posting Have a good day☺

  • Oh yes, included mushy peas and tartare sauce, yummy

  • Oh the full Macoy. Can't fault you in for a penny in for a pound.😀

  • This is so encouraging, thank you Ellie - and well done on your fabulous achievement!

  • Well done getting to your lowest weight for 20 years ⭐️👍

    I think maintaining is the scarey part, whilst we are loosing we can adapt to different goals and keep on the straight and narrow but once we have made our target It's like treading water you have just got to make sure you keep paddling.

    Glad you had a lovely day with your sister those are memories to treasure, I lost my sister 4 years ago so forget the fish, chips and wine that can be sorted another day. Hope she feels better soon. 💐


  • Thanks Bev. I regret not seeing enough of my sister, but I do hope to do better in future 😊

  • Yes very well done elliebath you are definitely back in control, brilliant. Maintaining is a novelty for me and early days as only a few months since I reached goal weight, good to hear how others cope as losing weight is only half the battle isn't it? In the past I've put weight back on, but this time feels different, I actually LIKE healthy food now. Been an education!

  • Hi Elliebath,

    Congratulations on achieving your lowest weight - of 9 stone 9 pounds. The 9's are clearly YOUR number!!! I bet you suit them really well.

    Lovely that you enjoyed your visit with your sister, and those fish n'chips and wine. Sounds relaxing!

    I think you're very sensible to anticipate those natural fluctuations in weight, and having a maintenance 'window' is a really sensible thing.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Congratulations and well done 🎉🎈

  • That's great, you certainly seem to have this nailed! It's really good to know that this is a sustainable way of eating for life 😊 Hope your sister gets well really soon x

  • Woohoo Ellie! WELL DONE YOU! You're one of our maintenance gurus and I'm delighted that you're still paving the way for us and showing us that maintenance really is possible! :)

    Keep up the great work and don't forget to save us all a seat on the maintenance wagon! :)

  • Thanks everyone.... I cant speak for everyone but to me maintenance is perfectly achievable if you keep an eye on things.

    I admit I don't always eat healthily. When at home I try to, but I'm retired and go out a lot ... yesterday's pub fish & chips, another day might be a cream tea, or cocktails with " the girls" .

    This is why I still keep an eye on total calories as well as portion sizes so that Im always roughly within my TDEE allowance. Then if my weight increases by more than 4 lbs, I cut right back to 1300 for a week or two.

  • Its great that you can pull back to your target "zone" and still have fish n chips! Well done you! :)

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