Ice Cream Craving SMASHED!

Hello! :)

It's me again! :P Tonight, after my main meal, I was craving ice cream. Then I remembered someone's post about blending frozen fruit with milk. As some of you might be aware, I have recently decided to have a vegetarian/vegan diet, which is going okay. :)

With this in mind I purchased some frozen summer fruits in case I ever get the cravings for deserts, which is not very often but I do get them from time to time. Anyway, I have tried it, I blended frozen summer fruits with soya light and it's rather good! No, it's not ice-cream good but you know, as a healthy alternative I think it's great! I have a huge bowl of the stuff and it's probably like 3 of my 5 a day and I am still within my calorie allowance (by like 400, which is amazing because I feel like I am eating plenty).

Anyway, if there is any of you out there with the ice cream craving then try this and you don't know, you might find it works for you. :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening and being good, you rascals! :P

Sazkia x ♥ x

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  • Thanks Sazkia. I am going to try this one as I haven't had ice cream for ages. I have actually been freezing yoghurt but your new desert sounds yummy. 👍⭐️

  • Yep, it is rather yummy and my brain is a little confused as I have a massive bowl of 'desert' that I am allowed to eat, it's a little like Sorbet. :)

  • Shops tomorrow, can't wait. Something to look forward to.

  • Ooh i forgot to ask how the veganism going! Glad its going well. 👍

    This fruit thing sounds like a great tip. Ive got frozen fruits i dont know what to do with so i will use them up on this!


  • I sometimes eat a half, frozen banana on a stick (peel it and put the stick in before freezing, dip the tip in melted chocolate if you have some and/or shredded coconut).

    I have also enjoyed this cappucino and vanilla ice cream from Cheasy, Arla which only contains 97 calories/100g.

  • The last one is milk based and hence not for you :-)

  • Cool, I love the banana one and will definitely try that!! Thanks Iben! :)

  • Btw sazkia have you tried nutritional yeast? I bought some the other day and ive been munching on it, its v tasty. Tastes a bit like marmite and cheese. You can get it with added b12 aswell. Xx

  • No, I've never heard of it but I shall look out for it, now that you've recommended it. :)

    Thank you. ♥

  • Hello another good one if frozen muller light yogurt have a good week xx

  • Just a warning, muller light yoghurt used not to be veggie. I haven't looked recently as it is on my no -no list for that reason

  • Great idea, thanks! x

  • thanks for the tip Sazkia! and fantastic news you are trying to follow a vegetarian/vegan diet. i TRY, but not hard enough. XOXOXOX

  • Yes, I am fine with being a vegetarian, being vegan is proving more difficult though. I'll get there!! :P

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