Almost size 16 !!!?

Well I did not loose on Monday stayed the same but am fine with that after my previous weeks loss , and I tried on my size 16 jeans and they fastened altho not the best look, However I managed to get in to my grey trousers 16's and wear them to work ...... ,Result. So I conclude I am a size 17 !! Most of my 18's are rather loose and don't hang right ,thank fully my trusted 2 pairs of jeans are all I have left that look fine so will have to wear 1 wash 1, as I am not buying new yet . I did venture to Matalan on Sunday looking for a pair of black work trousers but the quality was poor and the pair I tried on 18's were baggy but 16 a bit snug.

I was lifting weights at the gym today while loading the weights bar I was thinking if I loose another 6 lbs that will be a total loss of 10kg for me SO... that's my next target realistically by end of October not putting myself under pressure size 16 here I come!!


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9 Replies

  • You'll be in those 16''s before you know it 💙

  • Well done. It's a good feeling isn't it, sort of makes it all worth the effort when you can actually see the results xx

  • Hi Dish70,

    Great that you've been lifting some weights at the gym today, and hope you enjoyed that.

    You'll soon be a size 16 - you're getting ever closer.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • My favourite jeans ripped today from wear and tear so I'm gutted! I really don't want to buy more yet as I'm hoping that I too will need a 16 soon enough so I'm just finding out old leggings and stuff to get by for now - I don't go out much what with being a SAHM so I can look as much of a mess as I want most days lol

    Good luck on reaching a 16! :)

  • You need a power day lifter, you are a wonderful women put makeup on each day, walk for exercise , Do some exercises indoors to keep a clean house.

  • Congratulations losing weight and becoming a smaller dress size. I had to make an emergency shopping trip yesterday for smaller work trousers. My size 18s are too big and they don' t have belt hooks which is how I have been wearing my jeans etc. Size 16 and it feels good. Xx

  • Snap I too am a 17. Wish uk did 17's as they do abroad. Some of my 16's fit, just depends on where they are from. Others fit lovely but when I sit down I can't breath which is not helpful.

    Good luck on your journey and look forward to seeing you hit your target of 16 in October as that too is when I aim for. 🍀🍀

  • I have clothes in every size from a 'stretchy' 12 to a skimpy 18, my dream is to wear size 12 jeans 😊 Well done dish70 we will get there 😊😊😊

  • Keep doing so wel, time will fly by and the weight will melt.

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