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Gluten/Lactose Free and chance in diet

Hello Everyone,

Being gluten/lactose free due to medical reason it can be really, finding good products to eat/ going away but also eating out.

This weekend I'am going away for afew days and have to take my own bread and milk. Then finding somewhere to eat that sells food that I can eat. My husband wonders why I don't like to go away.

Good side Today I went to a supermarket and found in the gluten free section Warburton's crumpets, yes expensive but tried one today and yummy tastes just like a crumpet. Extremely high in carbs though.

A Trainer at my gym wants me to note down what I eat and times. She also adviced me to cut my fruit from 40g each cherries, berries and strawberries, an apple and banana to 40g only. After the gym I usually have my fruit and greek yogurt. Last night I didn't but was also 3014 cals under my allowance. At 1.13am this morning I woke up so hungry could hardly go back to sleep and this morning had to have my breakfast first thing instead of taking dog for a walk. So will see what happens tonight and have words with her.

Good luck all

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I can understand your frustration, it must be difficult. However, near to where I live, there are usually supermarkets that devote half or sometimes a whole aisle devoted to gluten free foods and I have noticed on a lot of the menus now they have gluten free options so it is becoming easier; I think it would have been harder 10 or 20 years ago though.

I hope you get to grips with it, change is always difficult at first.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. :)

Sazkia x ♥


My younger stepdaughter is a coeliac so I know it can be tricky to eat out. But it's always worth asking your server as a lot of places have a gluten/allergen free menu (especially if you go for one of the larger chains) or can adapt things on their menu. When in doubt, ask to speak to the manager and make sure they are clear on your requirements. Any professional kitchen should be aware of the need to limit cross contamination.

After all, it's in their best interests to accommodate you if they want you to spend your money with them! :)


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