Well guys I've not been on for awhile because if difficulties. I'm really downhearted after a weigh in today. My weight just keeps 84kg I've been on citalopram for 2 weeks now, my head and face sweat profusely and I have other side effects...but because of the sweating I truly thought I would have list some weight. With levothyroxine too surely my metabolism should be speeded up. I've been going to the loo more and marginally more active now back at work after the summer holidays. The Dr just say it's part of getting older but I can't accept it as I'm trying so hard and not a bit is coming off. Any advice welcome. Hope you're all doing well.


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  • Hello am new on here my first week but everyone been lovely and really helped me you will get there and your in the best place to get help and advise Kim xx

  • Thanks Kim and welcome. I need to drop in more often and get motivated. Wish you well.

  • Hello Lbrook.

    If you feel that the medication is inhibiting your goals, it may be worth consulting your GP to see if they can administer an alternative, particularly if weight gain happens to be a side-effect.

    Granted, there may not be an alternative to levothyroxine (on the assumption it’s been prescribed for a thyroid condition) but they’re may be one for citalopram. Equally, if you’ve only just begun to take the medication, give it a few weeks for the side-effects to ease, in addition to allowing the medication to begin working.

    As for your goals, by making small alterations to daily intake, chiefly, restricting the consumption of simple carbohydrates (cakes/sweets/pastries) in favour of healthier alternatives (nuts/fresh fruit/high protein yoghurt/shakes) between meals, you should reduce overall daily calorie consumption and improve levels of satiety.

    I'm not sure if you've looked at them before, but it'd be worth consulting BMR/TDEE calculators, to provide you with an idea of how many calories are required to meet both. Having obtained the figures, aim to ensure that you consume sufficient daily calories to satisfy BMR, allowing the daily deficit to be introduced from your TDEE, to encourage weight loss sensibly and sustainably.

    Additionally, research the kind of foods that may benefit and exacerbate any health conditions from which you currently suffer, thus, providing you with the best chance of attaining your goals.

    However, in addition to introducing a daily calorie deficit and eating the right foods, the best thing you can do (to raise metabolism) is to increase your level of daily activity. The greater its intensity, the more calories you’ll burn in the process.

    Moreover, by seeking to increase levels of all-round muscle mass (it’s never too late to begin resistance training), you’ll also encourage a marked improvement in the rate of your metabolism, largely since muscle constantly requires calories, regardless of whether it’s resting or active.

    By simply investing in a dumbell set or a home workout DVD (Gillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred is worth considering), you can increase fitness and exercise confidence in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to progress towards participation in group exercise classes in a gym, for example.

    Don't worry about resistance training suddenly leaving you with unsightly looking muscles, either.

    Granted, resistance training will undoubtedly improve composition, but when running a calorie deficit (allowing existing fat to be utilised as energy), the muscle you'll develop will be shapely and defined, even if you do decide to work between the 6-8 rep range.

    Lastly, despite your current feeling, upon introducing small changes that serve to encourage results, you’ll soon re-discover your enthusiasm.

  • Thanks I'm increasing my activity levels and doing strength training exercises. I'm going to buy some hand grips tomorrow because my dynamometer reading was only 2.3. I'm finding walking alone isn't enough and I agree with you about resistance training and the home workouts are a good idea for me at the moment. Exercise may be the only way to increase my netabolism. I'm forcing myself to have a nutty cereal for breakfast with lots of fibre and I avoid all the sweet temptations in the staff room at work. Thanks for your help.

  • I was on the same medication, now I don't know if it was a coincidence but my weight piled on during the time I was taking it. I can't blame the tablets completely, because I know I ate a lot and didn't move enough but I think the tablets didn't help. There is a warning on the package leaflet, stating it can increase your weight.

    I'm on Mirtazapine now and so far I don't think they've caused me to gain weight. In fact I am not struggling to lose weight really, although I am being very good with calories. Perhaps talk with your GP about possibly moving on to another drug or maybe wait for a month or so to see if things settle down?

    Good luck and keep being strong.


  • Thank you I have read there's an antidepressant that helps people lose weight I can't remember what it's called but think I will ask doc.

  • If your taking lethothyroxine your hypothyroidism not hyper, and therefore more likely to gain weight easy. I suggest you go to the thyroid uk page, where you can get more info/help for your condition. I too suffer from hypothyroidism so understand where your coming from.

    Sorry i read hyperthyroidism not hyperhidrosis from your list of conditions, but still recommend you go to thyroid uk page.

  • I have been on Citalopram previously and it can take 3-4 weeks for it to take effect and settle down. Hopefully once it begins to work your mood will lift and you can start moving a bit more. The problem is that without medication stress and depression do not do weight problems any favours. Naturally this particular one might not suit you but it is worth hanging on in there for a while rather than changing to something else. Obviously with your other health problems/meds this complicates everything! Be kind to yourself and things will slowly begin to fall into place. We're all getting there - wherever that is and at whatever speed we can! I'd see another doc too if all he can come up with is "it's to do with your age" ..... rubbish!! You are never too old to be as fit and as well as you can. Good luck sweetie! :-) :-)

  • Thank you. I will stick with it and then try another doc. I think that is good advice.

  • Thank you

  • U might be in premenopausal there is over the counter stuff plus a cold rag or ice pack on the back of your neck. There are hand fans u can get. There is a cloth that stays cool for a long time you can wear around your neck. But your doctor can run a blood test to see if it premenopausal also and may be able to give u something. But careful on stuff she me may cause breast cancer as you get older

  • You have some excellent advice there I hope it helps 😊 Good luck and very best wishes 😊

  • Thank you

  • It could be your age thing. I was that way near 50 about a yr later I was going through menopause I gain a little more weight and sweat and dizzy at times hot flashes it took a few yrs to start feeling myself again. I have friend who went through it as early as 29 I have a friend that going through it now. Some guy do to they say I didn't know one but would feel sorry for him it's rough. My husband went into middle age don't want to do that again.

  • Yes I'm probably going to go through the menopause soon. My friend said hers lasted 10 years. I'm thinking of asking for something to stop my face sweating. It looks so bad at work.

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