Having a bad day today not with the eating but in a lot of back pain. When I got up I had good intentions to do some cleaning. While changing the bed pain shot down my legs so that was the end of the cleaning. Now I am lying on my back not being able to do much. Cannot get Kichen to eat so it should do my weight good. Sorry for the moan but if anyone else is in the same boat I would like to here from you


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10 Replies

  • You have my sympathy 😢 Back pain is agony 😢 Do you have someone around to help you?

    Get better soon 😊

  • Thank you. My grandson will be here tomorrow

  • Hi Caroline,

    Sending you a big hug - really sorry to hear you've had a bad day today, and I really hope you're feeling a bit better since you wrote this. I know you're lying down now.

    I really hope you get some sleep tonight and that maybe you feel a bit better in the morning. Take care, and let us know how you're doing.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you have taken pain killers but it will go when it is ready. Watching Andy Murray again . I really like tennis.

  • Fantastic, hopefully Andy will keep you distracted from the pain - I hope so!!! :-)

  • Ouch, I have recurring back problems so you have my sympathy! Try and move a little if you can so it doesn't cease up, take antiinflammatories if you have them. Enjoy the tennis, I'm watching it too!

  • Thank you I will

  • Take care, hope young grandson makes you smile and is a good help. Young ones nearly always raise spirits, even when they behave badly. I have more or less given up trying to lose weight, it's just too depressing. That's ok as long as I'm well, as soon as there is anything wrong with me the doctor will tell me to lose weight, no matter what the ailment. Doctors always roll their eyes and tell me to have a sugars blood test, blood sugars always fine and there is never anything untoward with cholesterol levels either. But these days it seems if you want a fair crack of the medical whip you can't be a porky person. So I will try again, I suppose.

  • Andy lost but ha ho he cannot win every match. I know what you mean every time the dr says loss weight. My grandson is19 but he has special needs himself. Lives in supported living, but he try's. Drs always say loss weight. I have been 20st and 10 1/2 st now 15st plus and my back has always been bad. Some times Drs do not know so they blame weight. Ha ho keep smiling. You have to enjoy things. I am going to Spain next month and that is keeping me going at the time. Hope you loss some weight I am still trying.

  • I feel for you with all the pain I have been out this morning. Did around 6000 steps but now I am laid on the bed in a lot of pain. Keep smiling and don't give up.

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