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High Blood Pressure


hi, I was wondering if anyone here found that their blood pressure went down after losing weight?

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Hi Dgaige

I don't personally have high blood pressure, but I have friends who have been able to come off blood pressure medication after they had lost weight. Good luck on your road to health. 😀


Hi, I don't suffer with it but I do know people who have been able to ditch their medication after losing weight. Good luck!

miamiaRestart June 2019

Well, unfortunately for me it make a blind bit of difference and to be blunt I was shocked. I do suffer from raised BP and have done for years. I have lost 2 1/2 stone, stopped drinking caffeinated tea and coffee and the BP was just the same, high. Still on the meds, but told this happens sometimes, I guess it's in my genes......! Very, very disappointing...But it may well be different for you....

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That sounds very frustrating. I will see how I get on!

Frankie533 stone

Maybe it would have been higher if you hadn't! My mother has very high BP despite having been very slim all her life (now a pretty healthy 89) ....

The main reason I started to run 3 years ago was my BP...one day it was up 210/190 with 90 beat per minute... As soon as I stated exercising again it went down to the normal 70 or 80 130,with heart beat lower than 60.

So for me the real difference was physical activity, no weight...

should say I've nerve suffered of high blood pressure before or after... I

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I never suffered HBP until last year. I was very stressed with work. I have been doing nothing about it, which is very silly I know. I have now joined this group and I am doing a swim challenge (22 miles in 12 weeks from Sept). Once I have lost a bit of weight, I will do the C25K. I find this group pretty inspirational and very supportive.


Mine is pretty much the same but that's because the medication is controlling it 😕 BUT I know I am fitter and hope that the current medication levels will not change as I get older, both my parents and all my older siblings have/had raised BP. All the scientific evidence suggests being a healthy weight and taking regular exercise is beneficial to BP and heart health 😊

Hi Dgaidge, My BP was raised at a check up and I was advised to lose weight. That's one of the reasons I am doing the 12 week plan - trying to avoid going on medication. Good luck for your journey. x

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yes me too, i really want to avoid medication. I am off this weekend for a weekend away, so i will get on it when I get back. I ordered the BHF leaflet and I will follow their programme

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