Under fourteen stones!!

Well not literally. I have lost two pounds and weigh 13 stone 13 lbs. Just need to keep going. This week I am going to eat more vegetables and less fruit. Although I do prefer fruit. Good Luck for this week everybody. 😃


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15 Replies

  • Well done! That's great news! :D

    I'm half a lb from 14 stone and I know I lot of people would be shocked because that's still so big but I was 15 stone so I am super happy about my weight loss so far too! :D Have you decided what your going to reward yourself with?

    Sazkia x

  • I had a real problem with 14 stone, I just couldn't get below it. I would yo-yo to from about 14 stone 2 or 3 up to near 15. It was when I hit 15 stone I knew something had to give. That's when I found the 12-week program and it's worked really well. Now I just have to get myself back into the right mind-set and avoid temptation. :)

    Congratulations to you both for breaking that 14 stone! :D

  • i have the 14 stone problem aswell its still 9 stone away lol

  • Good luck. I really do hope to achieve your goals. It is hard to lose weight and those people that are slim and can eat what they like are so lucky. 😊

  • Thanks, I just checked my weight and I am 13 stone 13 and 3/4 lbs!!! :D It's not even Monday and I have already beaten my aim for this week (to get to 14 stone, I was 14 stone 2 lbs last Monday). I am very happy and it's so good to finally be losing weight but in a healthy and fun way. I love this place, it's helped so much already! I just have less than 5 stone to lose to get to my ultimate goal of 9 stone but my next mini goal is to get to 13 stone! :D

  • That's fantastic! And you have plenty of time until Monday to drop a bit more. :)

    I am hoping to get to 10ish stone overall, but for now my goal is to get back to 12, where I was just before going on my vacation home.

    I agree with you there, I don't know I would have gotten so far without this forum. I did ok for the first 12 weeks of the plan, but the extra support has been really great to keep me going. :D

  • Brilliant, good luck with getting to 10 stone. :)

    I aim for 9 stone because it'll be at the top end of my BMI. I'm really short, just over 5 foot. :) If, after I have reached that ultimate goal, I feel like losing just a little more to carry me into the middle of my healthy BMI then I will change my ultimate goal. However, one step at a time. :)

    Sazkia x

  • Thanks!

    Yes, that's why I've gone with 10ish stone as an ultimate goal. I don't want to get hung up on a specific number, but 10 is the middle of my healthy range (I'm 5'7") so I figured it was a good place to aim. Eventually! :)

  • That's really sensible, Vicky! I hope you get there, you can do it and we're all behind you so go smash your goal! ;)

    Sazkia x

  • I would love to be 13 stone too. I do not want to be 9 stone. The last time I was 9 stone I was 13. Which will be 40 years ago at the end of this month.

  • Oh Sazkia I was 15 stone 2lbs. How great would it be to do this challenge together. Hope you are keeping well. 😊

  • We can do it together! We can both get there! ;) You're doing fantastic! :)

  • I rewarded myself with a bowl of granola! !!! I had bought it thinking it was healthy. It is full of sugar and calories. So I am going to have it every time I lose weight. Once it is finished in will not get anymore!!!!!

  • If it works for you then why not. :)

    I use to reward myself with food in the past but I found I craved things more and my mind was always on food as a result. :( This time round I am rewarding myself with non-food stuff, like anew gym bag. I might get some new trainers when I reach 13 stone. :)

  • Well done Htrep! I know exactly what you mean, because I've been messing around with dipping in and out for ages and it's only in this past week, that I feel I might actually stay below 14st! WTG all of us! :)

    Good luck with those veggies! :)

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