Hi everyone,

I've completed week 2 of the NHS healthy eating diet and I feel great. I've taken a look at week 3 but I can't see too much difference between that and last week, just emphasis on planned activity. This has me thinking.

Money is really tight for me but I have been looking at my leisure center's gym membership. It'll include access to 4 swimming pools, a variety of gyms and fitness classes. Now, if I actually take advantage of all it offers then it will be worth the money. I am however skeptical in case I do not use it that much and that's much needed money down the drain. At the moment I feel motivated and think I'll use it more than I have done previously when I was a gym member. My confidence was minimal then but I feel a bit more confident this time round, especially since joining this forum.

What do you think? Are any of you members of a gym? How has it helped you on your weight loss journey? I like the idea because it would mean I would have loads more options made to me if I were a member and it would get me out more too.

Sazkia x

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  • I think most people have had problems with actually using gym memberships in the past, including me!

    For me, what has worked is finding a gym that is near work as that has allowed me to be more flexible about when I can get there. I am also more...

  • Congratulations Sazkia! Good to hear about your progress.

    In terms of saving money, Can you pay just for the swimming? Or just individual dance classes? There's a national thing called "no strings badminton" which I find really fun, social and...

  • I'm not much of a gym person, prefer the outdoors, but I think the Summer Special you got is perfect!

  • Hi Iben! :)

    I've just booked two classes for this Thursday and next Tuesday so I am excited and nervous. I did ask them if they are okay for complete beginners and she said they were. :D

    There's no getting out of it now haha and I'm going swimming this evening too so will be getting fit for sure this week!

    Sazkia x

  • You are really taking things seriously. It is so good to see. You'll have to post about it!

  • Oh, you know me, I'll certainly talk about it. I'm very good at talking lol. :P

    How's your running going? A few days ago I read you went past the 5K mark, that's brilliant! Massive well done! :D

    Sazkia. x

  • Thank you Sazkia. I really, really want to get to 10k before Christmas. Everybody says it is possible, but you know, when you've always considered yourself someone who can't run, it is actually difficult to envisage it. I call myself a runner now, but I still feel a bit like a fraud :-)

  • Nope, you're a fully fledged runner, no two ways about it! ;)

    I've just got back in from swimming, it went brilliantly!! I met a couple of nice people, had general chit-chat and one lady spent the last half hour with me giving me some tips and gentle encouragement. I am so going back on Thursday, I LOVED IT!

    I am going to the gym tomorrow morning and try for a whole body work out. I noticed my jogging bottoms were loose on the waist I actually had to tighten the draw string in them to the extent I could tie them in a bow-knot and my top is looser...I'm really starting to see some difference and I've lost weight from my neck and chest. My bras are SO MUCH MORE comfortable! There's no going back for me now, not now I've started to make a real difference. :D

    Sazkia x

  • Wonderful, Sazkia. I'm so happy for you :-) :-)

  • And thanks for calling me a runner. Love it :-)

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