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Counting calories?

I came across this on the bbc website. Worth a look! "Can you lose weight without counting calories"


Personally I think the best way is habit.

I live alone so I am not constrained by catering for others. I have a large breakfast at 0930ish at a cafe. Which is 1 mile away. Then walk back (2 miles). Then nothing but water, tea (no milk or sugar. OK so I like it!) Then at 1700 I am due to take some pills, so I couple it with a small meal (say one can of tuna, a whole pack of blueberries and cream) and a glass (one!) of red wine, during the evening with some snacks perhaps.

No calory counts - this keeps weight constant, anyway.

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That's true ,habits are important .That's why we want to replace bad eating habits with good ones.But it takes time if u are living in a family.

I like the link really good information in it.



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