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My week 2

Isn't the body a strange thing to understand....last week, my first week I lost 2lb, this week, my second week, I've gained 1lb. I have only been eating the same sort of things as my first week, but hey, I know this happens and certainly don't feel defeated. I will just carry on as I know I'm eating a lot more healthily than before, haven't even had a chocolate craving for the last few weeks....now that is a result!!

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Do not be disheartened, you will get there. Similar has happened to me 0.5 lbs off, then nothing then 3.5 lbs. As you say it is strange the way the body works. 😕


its good to think like you do, I am the same, its taking me ages to lose but I just remind myself that I am lighter than when I started, and that's a bonus😁


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