Have I got it wrong?

Just starting day 2 of the 12 week plan. Have been reading up and double checking my height/weight/calories allowed figures. My normal foods are in line with the suggestions, no cakes, plenty of fruit, lots of water. It seems that I actually need to eat more than I usually do in order to lose weight...seems very odd but I hope someone can explain.

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  • Your body need sufficient fuel to be able to function to its maximum and if it is not getting enough it will go in to starvation mode and hang on to every bit of fat that it can.

    I would suggest not just eating more but look at what type of food you are adding. Rather than eat vast quantities take in extra calories by adding things like Seeds (linseed is particularly good) and nuts

    Also look at when you are eating, try to keep to either three meals a day, or, and this helps with keeping your blood sugars more balanced four or five smaller meals and try to avoid snacking

    Good luck

  • Thanks Annde, will look at making up the calories with seeds etc if I can.

  • I always ate healthily, but the weight had crept up over the years, gaining about a stone per decade πŸ˜• I couldn't understand why, it felt so unfair!! πŸ˜• It makes my blood boil when TV shows overweight people eating burgers and cakes !! Grrrr 😑😑😑

    What made a difference for me was quantity, actually weighing portions. I wasn't over eating hugely but enough to tip the balance πŸ˜•

    When I was given the eating plan I currently follow I said 'I won't lose weight eating do much' as it seemed so generous, but I have! About 1lb a week and consistently. 😊 Previously I have eaten much less, lost weight faster, relaxed a little and put it all back on. Nowadays if I relax for a few days I stay the same. So I guess what I'm trying to say is some times we need to eat a bit more to fuel our body. 😊

    Good luck

  • Thanks Anna61. I never eat fried foods or takeaways, make my own soups with vegs and lentils and no bread etc as I cannot eat wheat. Will try more fruit and nuts in my salads. I appreciate your comments which are very encouraging,

  • Hi, I struggle with this too, but you have been given good explanations already. It also depends on your level of physical activity so be honest about that when using the BMI calculator. I've stayed at the lower end of the recommendation and being losing an average of a pound per week. I love fruit, but beware of too much because of all the natural sugar, try and eat lots more vegetables to make up your '5 a day' . Good luck!

  • Just give it a chance, start weighing/measuring your portions, stick to the new calorie limit, and you'll start to see where those extra calories were coming from before. Maybe not everyday things, maybe treats, meals out, hidden calories in drinks, sauces, dressings etc, but they're probably there. You'll notice them when you're missing them! If you don't find anything like this to explain why you were actually having more than you realised, then maybe the answer is you've not been being active enough? If so, loads of ways to start getting more active... Good luck :)

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