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Am I doing the right thing?

Linda_Bee2 stone

Like most of us I have been a yoyo dieter most of my life. Finally got my act together in January as my son and his family were visiting from Australia and lost 23lbs, going from14st.1lb to 12st.6lbs. Still overweight but at 5'6" and at the age of 69 I was quite pleased but appreciate I need to lost more to get in the 'normal' range. I put on 3lbs while they were here (they went home just over a week ago) and without really trying I lost 1lb last week. Unlike most people I find it really difficult to diet in the summer - lots of days out, bbqs, etc. and although I'm keeping an eye on what I'm eating, my steely resolve of the past 6 months seems to have gone. I find winter dieting much easier. Now my dilemma. Do I keep trying to get that steely resolve back, possibly to keep failing and end up eating the furniture or do I accept that I probably wont lose any more in the summer and put the 'diet' on hold until the cooler months? I have some decent scales and jump on them every day so know exactly how my weight is going to the ounce. Has anyone else done this? If so, did you manage to keep the weight off and start again after a break?

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Hi Linda_Bee, My personal advice to you would be to try and find a way to eat healthily all year. I know that's easier said than done but if you for one second start to think that its ok to not eat healthily then I fear that getting your mind back in the right place will be much much harder. Allowing yourself treats is probably the best way to do this. No exclusions just HEALTHIER treats. Maybe, if you do this on a daily basis (allowing yourself a treat), you won't feel that you have to give up for the whole summer. I myself am an all or nothing kind of girl. I am either dieting strictly or binge eating everything! I have read so much about trying to find a way to get out of it. It all points to the same thing....everything in moderation. Good luck, and keep going with your healthy eating, its the better way to go (in my humble opinion) xxx

Linda_Bee2 stone
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Thanks for replying Marie but to be honest I do eat very healthily. My main problem is keeping within limits to lose weight. When you get to a 'certain' age it is really difficult to lose weight - you have to be very strict and weight loss is extremely slow. It took me 6 months to lose 23 lbs but because it was winter us old 'uns tend to hibernate a bit more so I was in complete control of what I ate - more difficult when you're out and about and socialising. I've decided to give myself a month of keeping an eye on what I eat, weighing myself regularly and if I remain the same weight I'll be quite happy , and ecstatic if I lose! If I find the weight creeping back on then I will have to take drastic action but fingers crossed I can enjoy a sociable summer without any long term damage and get back into strict control later on in the year. There is NO way I'm putting this weight back on. Keep everything crossed for me.

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Hello Linda_Bee

Well done on losing 23lbs 😊 I know how difficult it is to lose !! I also know how difficult it is to get into a weight loss routine with visitors etc 😊 It is fine to try to have a break, to "aim to maintain" and I like your plan of keeping an eye on things 😊 As you eat healthily anyway, it just takes a small tweak in portions to start to lose again 😊 Something that you may like to try is to up your exercise whilst it's summer and much more pleasant to be out and about 😊 The important thing is the change in your head, and the determination to not put the weight back on. Good luck and very best wishes 😊

Start now with new good habits. Little steps, a bit more exercise, less sugar, slightly smaller portions etc.

The only reason you won't lose weight in the summer is you. Only you. If you really want to lose weight now, you CAN! Its entirely up to you 👍

I have taken several breaks on my 18 month journey. Easy to get started up again.

Good luck!

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with a summer break from dieting to lose weight as long as you maintain the weight you have now. Decide when you will start up again and keep jumping on the scales to keep track of your weight.

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