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Frozen or fresh

Hi Everyone,

Trying to stay away from apples and pears due to their high carbs/sugar. But lovely my fruit so this is going to be harder than giving up chocolate and marshmellows.

Now things like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries all go off quickly so do I get fresh and eat quicker or buy frozen? They will be eaten with either greek yogurt, jelly or just nibble on.

I have to have a supper and like today under eating by 345 cals but due to apple/pear over my carbs.



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Frozen are as good as fresh and if they are going in yoghurt or jelly I see no point in using fresh. Nibbling is a bit different and fresh is probably nicer but I like frozen grapes, it takes forever to eat them!

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Personally I don't worry about carbs and fructose given that apples and pears are full of fibre and micro nutrients. Melons are cheap at the mo but may also be high in sugars?


What guidelines are you following, some carb guidelines are more restrictive than others, it sounds a bit mad if you haven't got enough carb allowance to have a couple of pieces of fruit? I wouldn't cut out apples and pears, in fact apples are often a life saver for me as a healthy snack when I feel hungry. You can always buy smaller types of apples - some types are smaller than others - or have half - then cut the brown face off the other half the next day, even half a banana keeps okay if you fold the skin over, squeeze of lemon on the end. Freezing is a good strategy too, but you lose the crunchy texture. Some people freeze grapes so they're forced to suck each grape really slowly til it defrosts in their mouth, might be worth a try? There are loads of ways to make sure you keep fruit in your diet despite the fruit sugar content, I'd always err on the side of trying to have a little of everything though. Good luck :)


I have 120g carbs, 90g protein and 40g fat. But I always go over on my carbs porridge oats in morning a must, gluten free crackers, spuds, add apple and pear tKes me -15. Yet protein is well under especially on chicken, turkey or bacon loin day. This cal etc juggling is hard work at times. 😀😞


That sounds quite low carbs, so if you go over from time to time don't be hard on yourself. I've started adding ground almonds to my porridge, helps make it more proteiny and actually tastes more filling, perhaps you could do something similar, reduce the oats and add in nuts, seeds or ground almonds to compensate. I have to admit I actually didn't pay attention to macros at all during my weight loss journey. I try to make sure I'm having a bit of everything, but sticking to overall calories and exercising were the main factors for me. Although "lettuce wrap" ideas were a real find, in terms of a low carb meal idea... Also have you considered adding your fruit into salads, that way you only have a bit at a time too, e.g. a healthy version of Waldorf...


I buy frozen mixed berries to add to porridge/Weetabix etc .

I freeze grapes as someone suggested and I absolutely love them.

Mainly I buy fresh a couple of times a week for deserts.

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You can overdo the low carb thing IMHO. The pure white and deadly sugar and refined grains are things it is probably good to cut out but I don't think anyone ever got fat by eating apples and pears.


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