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Exercing to point of collapse but not losing belly fat

For last 2 yrs this belly fat has been a problem. i had bloated issues so i got a bit obsessive doing Zumba x2 day, Pilates x1 wk pls exercises x2/day.Had to stop Zumba when had a foot injury. a yr or so later i still do Pilates,exercise x1 day, exercise bike x1 wk. started a scheme at work with a Ped, i walk/ jog to work that is uphill. the bloated issues have subsided but i can still grab a handful on each side of belly. i still have a double belly that just makes no sense.a few other stationery running exercises are breathless. i don't know if its a medical thing or i'm doing wrong types of exercises. last medical checkup was belly had a lot of gas so basically under belly fat is a toned-ish tummy?! go figure! b4 pilates is a step class that i tried x1 as it nearly killed me!a friend wants me to try again next wk!! i eat healthy lunches of homemade chunky soups/ mackerel salad(lettuce & cottage, onion...)

any advice?? i am just confused....

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Hi, it called the sugar belt apparantly as it stores all the bad sugar. Keep off fruit like apples, pears 😠 My favorite. Watch the carbs.


Bloating can sometimes be caused by eating foods that don't agree with you and make gas. It can often be something like wheat, so you could try cutting down on that and see if it helps. Cutting down on refined starches and sugar generally could also be a good idea. Alternatively, try keeping a note of what you eat and how it makes you feel.


Hi Kimla, I have the same problem. I was 11 stone 3 1/2lb but I am now 9 stone 9 1/2lbs. I did lose 2 inches but that was all. I have had a scan done on my tummy and everything was fine. I do have a fatty liver so maybe that makes a difference. There is an advantage to a big stomach, it stops your boobs from sagging. Have a great day.


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