What a day

Hi Everyone,

Needed to share this news. After getting nagged at by my sister and sister in law for looking tired and drawn I had a talk with my trainer to check my food intake etc was good. Which apart from twicking carbs, protein and fats around it was good. Then he put on s scales which has a section you hold weights weight. Bmi, body fat and judges your metabloic rate.

In October 2015. My height 5ft 1in, age 52 1/2

Weight 10st 3lb

Bmi. 27.1

Not sure body fat etc did not measure that.

04/01/ 16

Weight. 9 st 10lb

Bmi. 25

Body fat. 33.5%



8st 11lb

Bmi 23

Body. Fat. 28%

Metabolic age 33

I'am so pleased with myself just had to share the news.

Good luck to all



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19 Replies

  • Wow - 8st 11lbs, just about small enough to ride a Dartmoor Pony! Well done Gotodothis - and don't worry about relatives' comments - they just have to get used to seeing the new slim you.

  • Holy mackerel Wendy, that's brilliant! WTG you! :)

  • Absolutely amazing I haven't been under 9st since I was at school. Bet you are so proud and so you should be 🍾⭐️🍾⭐️🍾⭐️

  • well done !!!

  • Excellent, very well done!!

  • Well done! That's great! I hope I can achieve similar results! I will not give up hope and be patient x

  • Fab news Wendy. Brilliant result. Well done :)

  • Well done!

  • oh my god that so blimmin fabulous!! i could literally pick you up and twirl you around. you'd fly away in a strong breeze. you must feel so strong to have made such wonderful changes in your life. congratulations xxx

  • Well done.

  • Well done gottadothis that's brilliant you have done so well and should be very pleased with yourself :)

  • Excellent progress. Good work GT. Enjoy the new you!

  • Congrats Wendy, great achievement!

  • Well done.I'm 5.1.and 10.3.Keep losing 2 pounds then regain ing them again by Monday weigh in.Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Hi Rosie15, thanks to myfitnesspal app which helpsme keep track of what is going in my mouth. Gluten free diet helps so no pasta, egg noodles gluten free yuck, biscuits/ bread and cake soso. Barenaked rice and noodles are good low cals even better extremely low carbs. Hit the gym, walk my dog. Never tell myself something is off the menu because my mind will want it more. I eat red and white meat, spuds, tons veg and fruit just stay within alloted food allowance. When I need support or share good news I come on here.

    You can do this just give yourself time, let your mind work out some cals aren't worth it. Is a biscuit worth using 120 cals on when you can have a cracker and cream cheese with some to spare?

    Good luck


  • Thanks for reply.I have such a sweet tooth it doesn't take much persuasion for me to buckle.I am counting cals but some evenings go over my limit.I will take on board your suggestions .I have started going HIIT 2 or 3 times a week.Hoping that will help.

  • Sweet tooth snap, try boiled sweets take ages to eat, try at night eating fruit with greek yogurt (total, skyr or waitrose own) better for you than normal yogurt. Cut into small pieces takes ages to eat. Put myfitnesspal on your phone each morning put in what your eating that day.

    You can do this just give yourself time, please don't give up. Yes at first it is hard but remember your body and brain need retraining. Put sweet stuff somewhere like on top of a cupboard where it takes 5mins or it is hard to get too, by time you done that cravings gone. I put mine on top of a cupboard behind books had to get stool out climb up and move books.

    Good luck you can do this, people on here will support, encourage and give loads of tips. I got tons of all that from here.


  • Thanks for that advise Wendy.I do love Greek yogurt.Will try it tonight with fruit.Going on hols In a few weeks and desperately want to lose just a few pounds.Good luck on your journey.

  • Well done you must feel great.

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