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When the cravings just can't be ignored

Hi Everyone,

Being intolerant to gluten and lactose is not good, the biscuits/bread etc many are just horrid. Things like pasta well forget it. Eating normal food, the odd biscuit or cream gives bad tummy.

Well today I woke up and knew cravings would be impossible to ignore. The cream meringue, the smell of my husbands pizza and chocolate chip cookie (diet went out the window today). Resembles Homer Simpson drawling haha. Just had to have small amount each. I will suffer soon but have taken my meds so fings crossed.

Funny how no matter what you do you just can't ignore those cravings.

Good luck to all


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It's very unfortunate that we often seem to crave food that's bad for us! It's also more than unfortunate that some of these foods can be damaging to our health. Eating gluten if your body can't cope with it, can have long term consequences for your health. But perhaps you know this already?

There are a lot of cookery sites/books now which cater for gluten-free and lactose-free diets. For example, there are some good recipes in Hugh FW's "Light and Easy" book, and they are certainly much better than the supermarket gluten free foods. I've been gluten free for several years, it does take some adjusting to, but the improvements in my health have been worth it.

Good luck GTDT.


I am also lactose intolerant. I buy lacto free milk, cream and cheese. There are plenty of things you can do to stay healthy. Make your own puddings and freeze them down. Get your hubby to ban you from the kitchen at certain times of the day and don't buy any bad food. If your husband wants it then let him go to the shop and buy and eat it there.


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