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Adding to the Food and Activity Chart

This is my first week on the plan and I've been using the food and activity chart to record my progress (or not!). One of the things I'm trying to do is increase the amount of water I drink so I've added three little boxes under each day to ensure I drink at least three half litres bottles of water. Wondering if anyone has added anything to the chart to help them eat healthy/stay motivated/improve levels of fitness? I know it's sad but ticking a box makes me feel good ;)

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HI Jenyfer,

I hope you're enjoying your first week. It's great that you're using your food and activity chart, and I think it's great that you've added some extra motivating data to it - in the form of the water boxes.

I am using the charts currently, as I'm doing a Re-boot of the plan, and I have also added some extra data - I tend to write down how much fibre and sugars I'm consuming (using the analysis from Myfitnesspal to get those numbers), and I find that is helpful extra information for my own interest. I try to keep my fibre levels up and my sugar levels down.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Good luck for your first week.

Lowcal :-)


Hi Lowcal,

Looking over the sheet this week and noticed on the three days I ran I had no 'extras' so being more mindful on non-run days and reaching for a piece of fruit if I get hungry mid afternoon. Never noticed this pattern before as I'd never had a week at a glance! Interesting....

Enjoy your weekend - the sun is shining here at last!


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Good idea! I also record how many steps I've done and total distance, encourages me to get up and go!

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Hi Jenyfer,

That is a really good idea and I think I might pinch that for myself too as I always forget to drink enough water. My boyfriend has bought me a big pink water flask to take to work in the hope that it will help me remember to drink so hopefully that and the tick boxes will help me to remember :-)


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