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Tips for making good choices when you have visitors?


I was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of advice? I have some family coming to visit this week and in the past I tend to over indulge when they are around (eating out and drinks). I was wondering if anyone has any tips for how to avoid overindulging in social situations and when out and about? I'm in my first week of the 12 week plan and it's going well but as I'm nearing the weekend I'm getting a bit concerned with how I will cope with being out and about.

Sorry in advance if this something that has already been discussed.



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Can you try and cut down your calorie allowance tomorrow and do some extra exercise, so you can "save" some extra calories for the weekend?

Avoid alcohol when out.

Choose more protein based meals than high carbs and tomato based sauces rather than creamy ones. Opt for fruit for dessert.

I find when I have friends and family staying, so I don't embarrass them, I eat the same as them (if I'm cooking), but a much smaller portion. If you pile it high with salad, they probably won't even notice!

Good luck!


Eating out - choose the fish or a lean meat dish and ask for sauces to be served separately in a jug so you can be sparing in your serving. Fish and chips - eat the fish but leave the batter - share someone else's chips so you just have a few. Have mushy peas too if you like them. Curries - go for the least oily recipes (don't be afraid to ask).

Drinks - order white wine spritzer or diet coke. Perhaps have a half pint of cider or lager but count the calories in your daily total.

Desserts - share one with someone else, or order a meringue based dessert or fruit based dessert. Avoid anything deep fried or cooked using a lot of cream or butter as calories will be high.

Plan ahead and enjoy yourself!

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Be honest and say you're looking after your diet - I was terrified to tell my family but once I did, most were really helpful.

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Thank you so much Hidden , DartmoorDumpling and NataliePearce!! I will definitely be taking your points on board. Feeling a lot more confident about navigating through the weekend now :)

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It might be worth planning and write down exactly what you intend to eat and then do your utmost to stick to the list (maybe log it on the myfitnesspal ap?).

It is so frustrating to undo all the good work with just a couple of days of indulgence. If you can manage to plan in a few treats to your calorie allowance, you won't feel deprived...

Keep the focus more on enjoying your family (not the food?).

Have a great weekend!

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