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I was reading through week 2 of the 12 day plan today at lunch and it has really inspired me to start walking more. So I've purchased a fitbit and I'm going to gradually increase my steps over the next weeks. For those who haven't read any of my posts I started this plan 3 weeks ago. I'm really heavy. I need to lose more than half my current body weight so you can imagine that I get out of breathe walking, I get pains in my legs when I walk too far but I've done it before and I know that this is just temporary. It won't improve if I just sit and don't get active. I know that by putting the effort in then over time I will feel better and those aches will go. Exercising won't make me feel any worse that's for sure, so in the words of the good Dr (Pepper) what's the worse that could happen. Now I know that I'm just reading week 2 but I wanted to get to grips with the healthy eating principles attached to week 1 before moving on. I'm now up to 30g + of fibre each day. I'm totally inspired and motivated by all your stories. I've had an ok start with 8 pounds lost in those 3 weeks. My eating couldn't be better. I've cut out all the crisps, biscuits and chocolate completely and I'm enjoying my meals. I have a desk job so I'm not active through the day but today I went a 30 minute walk at lunch time. I feel happy with myself for doing that. I walk 20 minutes to the train in the morning then 20 minutes home at night. I'm aiming for a walk in the evening starting tonight.


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8 Replies

  • 12 weeks not 12 days. Now that would be a plan.

  • Hi Kenny,

    I have a Fitbit myself and they are great it will really help motivate you to go walking more. I am very unfit and get out of breath very easily too so walking is one of my favourites and I try to aim for the recommended 10,000 steps a day which can sometimes be difficult as like you I work in an office. I usually tackle this by going out on my lunch just doing any errands I have and then an evening walk with my partner and the dog for around 30 minutes every day.

    I also purchased an exercise bike which I use at home (i'm not confident enough to go the gym) and I find this a really easy way to exercise - I do 30 minutes on it 3 times per week and although it is tiring I do it whilst watching the tv which distracts you. I wonder if this may be another option for you if you get out of breath easily as it is nice sitting down as you excercise.

    Today is my first day on the 12 week plan as I thought I would try something different in the hopes of keeping the weight off this time.

    8 pounds is fantastic by the way. WELL DONE :-)

  • really enjoyed reading your post and I applaud your positive attitude. You are doing really well, I have started to increase my walking now and really enjoying it and getting a sneeze of achievement the further I manage to go. Good luck!

  • Awesome Kenny, well done, you CAN do it!

  • Once you have walked a familiar route, try adding a little each week so that gradually you are walking further, and once you feel up to it, add a hill! Getting fitter is very much a gradual process. Having lost 2 stone, I can now run up the stairs which I was stepping up one step at a time because my knees were so bad! It is so well worth doing, and great that you are feeling well motivated!

  • Hi and brilliant on your weight loss. I am sure you won't regret buying a fit bit I got mine last week and love it but don't do what I did yesterday I had put the little bit on charge whist asleep woke up in the morning and put my fit bit on, last night before bed I went to check my steps and yes your right I hadn't put the flaming main component in so I wore a fit bit all day for nothing. My daughter says I'm special but I don't think she means it in a good way. 😪 Keep up the good work you obviously feel better already and your positivity can only rub off, so thanks for posting your success. Bev

  • That's a fantastic start already, well done. I had a lot to lose too, 8 stone and I'm nearly at a 6 stone loss. It's been a hard journey but so worth it, and it's gets easier!

    Good luck with the Fitbit, I got one too and it's excellent. It's definitely made me even more motivated.

  • Yay - well done, that Fitbit will provide you much encouragement to get out and move more and it sounds like you have figured out a way to incorporate more walking in your life. :)

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