Not perfect...far from it|

Just back today from holiday. Learn't a great deal about myself. I hope I don't offend anyone, but in my opinion fat isn't attractive. Sorry but it isn't.......! Sometimes we can't help our weight but sometimes we can. Body image I guess is a very personal thing. For me I don't want to be that fat person on the beach...I have be fair not huge, but certainly 'big'. We all people watch at sometime and when on holiday do it more. When I said previously I learn't something about myself....... it's that I don't want to be that fat person on the beach I want to be that healthy slim lady. Our hotel was all inclusive and this wasn't difficult really.....I looked at the cakes and deserts but didn't go there. I couldn't eat the sugary treats, the discipline of not doing so kicked in. The only person I would have let down was myself.


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15 Replies

  • I think we all are well aware that fat is not attractive. That is why we have joined this forum as it is supportive and not judgemental.

  • You have such self control! Amazing! You are so right run away from unhealthy treats!

  • :-)you did better than me on all inclusive - avoided the cakes but compensated with the equivalent of 3 healthy breakfasts a day - as for the cocktails..

    Yeah - the holy grail - wanna be thinner on the beach...

    :-) good luck - I am weigh off at moment....

  • Hope you enjoyed your holiday and well done for avoiding the sugary stuff! All of us want to be slimmer and healthier to varying degrees that is why we are on here and support each other. Good luck!

  • Hi Miamia,

    I agree with you that body image is an extremely personal thing, and what is attractive to one person, isn't necessarily attractive to another. It is all in the perspective and mind of the beholder, and how attractive we feel - and how attractive other people perceive us to be.

    I know some people state a preference romantically for slim people, and some for overweight/curvy people - so I know it's not a universal that one is considered necessarily more attractive than the other.

    I have to say, I prefer being slimmer, and I do feel more attractive being slimmer - than when I was clinically obese - but I am also happy to say that people didn't seem to judge me for being overweight, and they didn't make me feel unattractive - similarly when I see people's before and after photos - following a weight change from overweight to slim, I often can see that they looked attractive before and after - so I don't think I equate being overweight/fat with being unattractive. But what I do acknowledge is how much happier they often are to have lost weight, and that they're fitter and more active (often) as a result of it. That's not to say that there aren't some very fit overweight people around, as clearly there are! Being too skinny isn't necessarily healthy either - being under-nourished isn't good.

    Anyway, I guess I'm rambling on here, but you mentioned body image and it's a sensitive subject for many people, and I think it's a complex area.

    I hope you enjoyed your holiday, and you sound like you coped very well in avoiding the less healthy temptations around - that's really good! Hopefully you'll be well on your way to being the slim healthy lady on the beach - and some people will find you an attractive lady - but the lovely overweight lady sitting next to you will also have her own admirers too. :-)

    I hope noone finds my post offensive, as it's not meant to be in anyway - I think you've written about a real issue to many of us, in terms of our body image.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I agree it is very sensitive issue and also a personal one 😕 It is also very much about health and fitness and how we feel inside 😊 I am lucky to be married to a man that prefers curves and constantly tells me I'm beautiful ❤️ BUT well done miamia on exercising self control on the all-inclusive 😊 I doubt if I could do it!! And I'm sure you will soon be that slim healthy lady you want to be 😊

  • Well, some people would disagree about fat being unattractive. Some people find skinny bodies unattractive. Personally, I like athletic bodies.

    It's great you managed to avoid the sweet things. I would find it tricky but I wouldn't deprive myself particularly on holiday. I find if I completely deprive myself I am more likely to go crazy! So I'd have something but then go for a run.

  • Hi, yes I do agree with you about what we all find attractive. It is difficult for me to explain, and maybe one of those subjects best kept to oneself (note to me). I just wanted to look better in a costume and feel healthy and good about myself. I am better than last year, and the year before.....!

  • I can understand that. I just think it's a bit insensitive to say that fat is unattractive on a forum where people are trying to lose weight.

    I'm around 9lb overweight but I've been a lot more overweight (overweight to the point where I wouldn't even consider a swimming costume ). Some people here will have lost a significant amount of weight and still be "big" and I would feel a bit crappy if I was about to go on holiday and someone put the thought in my head that I was still the 'fat person on the beach'.

    Not being argumentative, I just feel that people should be proud of their image and lose weight for themselves rather than other people's opinions/perspective.

  • Been wondering how you got on in the land of the pasty. But it sounds like you did fine. Good luck with that post holiday weigh in too.

    I think on a forum devoted to healthy eating, many of us would agree that while attitude to body shape is a freedom issue, there is nothing wrong with us wanting ourselves to be slim. Also I have noticed, since learning to lose weight successfully, I do notice other people's shapes more, because I am focused on the issues.

    Just a word of caution. I hope you avoid the problem of returning to home foods that I used to face after successfully learning to manage holidays. That is I used to have a difficult week saying no at home. It was like I had used up all my will power on the holiday and had none left. Eating habits I thought I had changed came back to haunt me. I only managed to beat that one by planning my home eating before I went away and coming home to or with the planned shopping. So nothing could be left to chance, or I was up the cafe having the big breakfast and into the takeaway for dinner.

  • Oh my, how true!! That was exactly how I was last week, only with visitors as well to exacerbate!! Back on track now I hope 😊

  • I'm on this - I'm planning to book in a healthy tesco delivery for the week after Glastonbury - so healthy arrives on my doorstep before I even consider continuing to drink cider all day every day :)

  • Check out the kcal for cider, some of them are the highest alcoholic drinks we have. Some are worse than creamy cocktails! I have had to give up the poor man's black velvets and just stick the Guinness alone recently. And I am blaming the apple trees!

  • Oh my goodness, so true.....I very nearly weakened yesterday upon my return....opened my larder to see what I could munch on (as I had been good on holiday) it happens I haven't bought 'treats' for sometime and there wasn't any thank goodness. I need to weigh in today, I go to Boots and use their scales, I could buy some, but again for me I need the disciple of the weekly weigh on a machine which gives me a print out. I am encouraged by the people that write in here, and for me it keeps me motivated and makes me think about myself and listen to others, thank you all, I really mean that.

  • Being visited or visiting is a kind of dieting black spot for me too. I always end up going off plan and having to catch up with myself. It is getting difficult to find anything to eat at home here too. I needed a quick lunch time snack and the only thing I could find was puffed wheat and quark with a black coffee. So that's porridge for breakfast and puffed wheat for lunch. I feel like I have been kidnapped by the cereal aisle. Still have to make up for that late birthday celebratory curry out last night. The restaurant had either changed their chef or their recipes. I used to be able to fit what I had into my plan. But no way was that an option yesterday. And they kept getting the orders wrong and putting extra oil on dishes that didn't have it last time. In the end we just gave up, and left, crossing it off our list for another time. Live and learn! Wish it wasn't the only curry house in town! Well Flytrap Junior's town to be precise. Back to making our own!

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