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At 15st and just turned 50 I started almost 2 months ago to exercise again and targeted a local 10K in July - HAHA yeah I know !

Anyway, it was going okay, running/walking around 4K twice a week, diet wasn't an target as I thought starting this exercise routine this would have it's own impact. Last week I wasn't too well and eventually was told by Doc I had V High BP and had to stop. I am now on one tablet per day, with a review next week.

I also started to use MyfitnessPal just to see what my usual food intake was and it rec 1,700cal per day. I realise that I am alway around 5-600 less every day.

I have started walking distances again, although not fully power walking but I am waiting for Doc to saay I can run as my BP is still classed as VH.

Though I am now confused, did i start doing too much too quick and should I make sure I achieve more Calorie intake each day, if so does anyone have any tips? I don't really eat much 'cr#p' as we call it like sweets or crisps etc.

I work in IT so desk bound most of the day Mon-Fri.

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Hi Davey, sorry to read about your BP and that it has stopped your running progress, but it is great that you are still walking.

As for how many calories to consume, I suggest going to the NHS Weight Loss Plan page and enter your height, age, weight in the BMI calculator and it will tell you how many calories you can eat a day. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. (For example, I am female, 5'2", weigh 12stone 11 and I consume between 1500-1800 calories a day and lose about 2lbs a week. I think MFP tends to be a tad on the low side.

Also, to increase your calories, consume more whole foods like potatoes, rice, fruits and veg, cereals, dried fruit and maybe a small amount of nuts, perhaps spread throughout the day. I try not to go more than 4 hours without eating, so sometimes that involves a healthy snack.

I hope your BP comes down (and it will as you lose weight) and you can get back to running again, it really is a great form of exercise.

Oh, I meant to say - 80% of losing weight happens in the kitchen, meaning it is what you eat that makes the biggest difference, exercise is just the icing on the, er, cake (sorry about the rather unhealthy analogy there)!


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