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12 Week Plan Newbie who is Struggling Due to being used to Pakistani/Indian Food

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well.

I am into my second day of the twelve week plan, and I am finding it OK. My daily calorie intake should be 1600, and I am finding it very hard to eat that many calories. Replacing the foods I used to eat with wholesome foods is tough!!!

Has anyone got any tips?

I really enjoy salad, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, but I am finding I am going to have to eat quite a bit of these to fill up my calorie intake.

This is also the first time I have actually read around losing weight, and understood how the losing weight process works. I am also so over fad diets, the fast ways to lose weight. I am not only doing this to lose weight, I am doing this to become healthy and fit. I also want to change all the drab habits I have, because I want to live a long healthy life. I am so shocked about portion sizes after reading about them, shocked in a good way. I am just so grateful to have found this space with so much information, tips, and ofcourse this community.

I have also decided when I am at work, and I am craving something bad, I am going to come on here and write a post instead.

What have I eaten today?

A banana for breakfast, and belvita breakfast biscuits. I would have had oats with coconut milk, but I was running late. For lunch I am going to have ryveta rye flats with some humus. I really wish I woke up earlier to make myself a gorgeous salad, but I guess that can be today's dinner.

If I may, just say that living in a Pakistani household it is really REALLY hard changing eating habits. I have now decided to do my own shopping weekly, and make all my own meals. I am not happy with myself and this is why I have decided to make the change. Living in a house which consists of mainly curries, and Indian foods, it is really hard to change eating habits, especially as food is made for everyone, not individually. I am not saying all Indian foods are bad for us, they're not. But I need freshness, freshness and wholesomeness.

We also have diabeties and other health problems which pass down through families, and that really scares me. It also scares me that all I have known is eating home food, and I am really outside of my comfort zone, but all for the right reasons.

If anyone else on here is Pakistani, and also shares the same problems as me, I would love to talk. I haven't really got anybody to talk to who understand all the issues I do have.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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I'm not Pakistani, but I'd like to say welcome, and maybe offer a few suggestions.

Firstly the foods you describe are vegan/vegetarian - so even if you aren't vegan yourself, it's worth looking at the vegan society or vegetarian society guidelines for a balanced diet. Learning what foods provide carbohydrate, protein, etc, will you help you fill your calorie allowance in a healthy way.

For quick salad lunches, get things like cherry tomatoes, sugar snaps etc, then you can literally grab a few from the fridge on your way to work, it will be easy to always have salad with you.

Re the curry culture in your home, how about making a healthy curry for everyone one day? If you add up the calories of everything you put in, then divide it by the number of portions it makes, then you can control how many calories you're having as well as help your family eat more heathily too. Then any extra portions can be frozen for another time.

Just some ideas to help you get started! Good luck :)



Hello - I saw your post and didn't really have anything to offer so didn't reply; but then as I was digging around on the site, I came across this and thought you might be interested! I think curry is mega-healthy food. All the deep fried foods are not weight-loss friendly but many of the salads and general curries are or can be with a little tweaking. You said you were aware of health problems such as diabetes in your family? So your knowledge will help everyone. Good luck!


Oh yeah - well linked Frankie! I still make ShellieL 's slaw with ground peanuts. Shellie's a fiend with her spicing. I'd definitely recommend her recipes to anyone. She's still around occasionally, but she weighs in monthly now.

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Thank you so much x


Nothing else to add to these excellent replies, but agree ANY type of cuisine can be healthy, I cook curries at least once a week and find it s very useful way of getting nutritious and tasty food 😊 I bulk out with salad and chapati 😊 Good luck


I really don't like chapati lol, no matter how weird that sounds. Thank you so much for your comment xx

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Hi Aasma, Hope you are well. Hows your fitness journey going. I am a newbie, and the same problem, having brought up in pakistani household, my tastebuds are so used to having roti salan daily as dinner! I need to loose 15kg and I need major help. If you could share your experience, iw ould be very grateful.. Rimsha xx


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