Food Is Not Going To Dictate My Life!

I have to admit that I, reluctantly, returned to Slimming World for the second time in over 13 years. When I joined the first time, the green plan suited my vegetarian lifestyle. Well, I expected the same this time around. But they have changed! The foods I enjoyed then were 'FREE', but now I find many are counted as syns! I have high cholesterol. So I don't want to eat eggs all day every day! Eggs are now counted as 'FREE' foods, ie, you can eat as many as you wish! What happened to everything in moderation? Anyway, now I don't feel it is the right approach for me. So I am delighted I found this site, and the information, and wonderful, helpful support from its members, because this may be my saviour! But, I have been sticking to the Slimming World approach, for now, even though I feel very hungry! But today I decided that I would not let food dictate my life ... and had a lovely Nestle Nobbly Lobbly lolly (I know it is sugary), but I felt so much better and fuller for this indiscretion! Do I feel guilty? NO! I am beginning to agree with a certain resources website for those who wish to lose weight, that a lot of these slimming clubs are just using what we would be better off without: the middle man - ie, the points, syns, etc. Sorry for a long story, but I think I may just use that resource website, and this one, combined with the support of lovely members to lose weight, by counting calories. J x


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21 Replies

  • Hi Jayne 😁 I have just replied to your other post but had to add ... I looked into slimming world and I too thought no thankyou as I think I would eat all day every day on the 'free food' and put weight on. Might work for some people but definitely not me. Also the nhs12wk plan is sustainable for life ... we only get one let's try and live it healthier 😀

  • I tend to agree with you having done both Slimming World and Weight Watchers - they work for a short while, but unless you are an expert mathematician with lots of time to calculate your food intake, they are not sustainable in the long-term. Once you have a good grasp of basic nutrition (which the 12 week program will give you), it is just a case of tracking the food and drink you take on board, and reducing portions and choosing wisely to enable the weight to come off.

    We don't need any foods banned or we end up feeling deprived and resentful and lose the will to continue. Yesterday I treated myself to a little pot of nuts and chocolate - it was a very small pot and only cost 125 cals according to the label, but I really enjoyed my little indulgence, and sometimes we need a treat like that, so long as it is kept sensible! I don't need to be made to feel like a "syn-ner"or made to feel bad for one or two slip-ups, just need to re-focus and keep plodding on with the calorie counting!

  • It is so interesting that you don't like weight watches as I find I prefer to count my points whereas calorie counting just does not speak to me. I read through the NHS 12 week plan and I can't seem to go for it and i don't understand as a lot of people here are using it. I am just wondering is it because I can't eat dairy as that is what a lot of you are eating plus eggs. Just trying to figure out why this plan does not work for me? The truth is I don't count my points any more I just know already what to eat. I have lost 1.5 stones.

  • I get annoyed by any kind of counting be it points, calories, or grams. I'm finding I am maintaining my weight by healthy eating - trouble is I'm maintaining at 2 stone more than I should be!!

    Might give the mindful eating another shot- I once lost a stone doing that (the Paul McKenna version) and it was psychologically painless as it's mostly eating slowly and being very aware of when your starting to feel satisfied and stopping there. I hate feeling too full even if it's healthy veg! ☀️

  • I did weight watchers years ago and it worked, since then I've been quite lucky to have maintained and not had a weight problem till recently, I turned to weight watchers again and couldn't believe how much it had changed and didn't really suit me anymore! That's how I arrived here and am so pleased I did 😊

  • I am sorry you found the EE days of Slimming World a problem. I did SW back in the old Red/Green days and do it now. I am at my target weight with them but continue to attend group as it helps to keep me on track, and costs me nothing.

    You comment about eggs, but because you can have them doesn't mean you have to. You also say where's the moderation, well it's in your own hands. And why you should feel hungry is beyond me. You've already said there are masses of free foods on the plan, from meat, fish, yes eggs, virtually every fruit and vegetable known of, pasta, potatoes and rice so unless you aren't following the plan correctly there is no reason to ever feel hungry.

    I'm not trying to sell SW or any other group but felt I had to say something as it is what works for the individual.

    I enjoy the weekly meeting and the support of the other members. It's not for everyone but the success of these companies show a need within our communities.

  • Annde, firstly, why are you sorry? - please don't take it personally! Secondly, I am a vegetarian: no meat/fish. Thirdly, I am surprised that eggs are free - given my cholesterol level, I was advised by my GP to restrict their intake. I have also mentioned eggs because my SW consultant said she eats them all day long!! Finally, as a diabetic, I do need to watch my carb intake. My consultant did say that I was an unusual case! I have been told not to follow EE because I am not allowed to let my sugar levels drop too low. In her favour, my consultant did say that there aren't as veggie-friendly as they were on the old system.

    Seriously, I am not looking for a defensive argument over a personal point of view! J x

  • I hear what you are saying but your (GP's) information on eggs and cholesterol is way out of date. It is now recognized, supported by the BHF, that dietary cholesterol has minimal effect on our bodies cholesterol levels.

    I would also say that I know a lot of people with diabetes who have successfully followed the SW plan who have lost weight, to the point where their medication has be reduced or no longer needed at all

    As with any diet, or healthy eating plan, common sense and self knowledge has to be used. I understand that you feel this is not for you, but it works for many.

    Not trying to argue but I think we need to accept everyone has different needs and what is wrong for one can be right for another

  • Hi Annde,

    No problems.

    Chat soon, take care.

    J x

  • Hi GingerCatjayne

    I too did SW a long time ago it worked well until I had a couple of weeks off knew I had put on weight and was too embarrassed to go back. I also did WW online but found it difficult to stick to. After years, one morning only 11 days ago searching through the net in desperation I found this site and the NHS 12 week plan and signed up, best thing I have done, someone to communicate with (whatever time of day) advice available from people with experience but more that that it educates you, I now find myself asking "what's in that?" When I am purchasing foods something I didn't do before and it is a real eye opener. I have even this weekend bought myself a decent pair of trainers for more exercise, me! I don' t even recognise myself. I think try what you can, different methods work for different people for me I have found it now thanks to all the lovely people who use this site and the great advice each person gives. Onwards and downwards everyone, hope you all have a good day. Bev

  • Hi Itsbab,

    Yes I agree. With slimming clubs once you have made the commitment you need follow it through. But many members fall by the wayside and feel that they can't go back because they have put weight back on. This is a problem that I have always had with slimming clubs. Also, none of them will tell you what constitutes health eating: how did they arrive at that decision. WW, for example, has a formula, which is a closely guided. Fair enough as it is a business.

    I am so glad I found the NHS programme because I can access the right information and have to pay.

    J x

  • Good for you let's help each other and keep us posted on your progress Bev

  • hi I am almost glad you think the same. I joined slimming world in Feb for the first time. What a waste of money for me. Having high cholesterol and type 1 diabetes was annoyed that I had to count high fibre bread. I realised I was paying for nothing. Meeting was so big I had no interaction from the leader at all. We were told to eat 2 meals at one time if we still hungry. Anyway I have had and still have if I need it valuable support from the diabetes nurses, dietitians, diabetes Uk , HealthUnlocked and British Heart Foundation so I am using this at the moment. Progress is slow but I am managing to keep any weight I loose off. This site and the others I have mentioned are really useful. The nurses, dietitians and you folk give the motivation so really we should not loose. Good luck

  • Hi Jackiemac,

    Similarly reasons to you! My favourite foods - good foods - are syned! J x

  • You are right about the 'middle man' approach. I decided a long time ago that I would have nothing at all to do with any system that labelled any food as a syn. Whatever the acronym represents we all go with the phonetic meaning. Nor do I translate calorie totals into WW points. I mean - I do have a life and other things to do with my time.

    I do attend Weightwatchers because I get a regular check of weight and the group is very positive and great fun. A real tonic and pick-me-up when the scales tell little white lies (or should that be the truths that I'd rather not hear)!

    I'm going to restart the NHS 12 week prog tomorrow, and carry on with the Nutracheck system which totals the calories but also tallies the fat content and the five-a-day. Anyway I've had a good holiday and coped with having my husband in hospital for a week. Pretty darned pleased to find the scales nudging a few pounds down. Time to get back to normal. Have a lovely Bank Holiday everyone. Best wishes

  • Hi Sheilamb,

    I don't like a food being seen as a syn!!! I want it even more! Reverse psychology, I think! J x

  • Hi GingerCatJayne, it might be worth reviewing the nutritional advice on eggs, as I think it has been corrected even for those with high cholesterol.


  • Hi Venusflytry,

    OK, will do.

    J x

  • One weight loss tip is to join the Nestlé boycott.

    They don't sell much of value and they are notorious code breakers on milk substitute marketing. It is one thing for an adult to choose to eat a particular brand of two finger chocolate covered wafer, but newborns do not have a choice and undermining mothers' ability to make choices creates obesity in later life (assuming, if they live in less developed countries, they live that long). Cut out the Nestlé and give both your weight loss goals and babies across the world a better chance.

  • I'm a veggie too and I did well with slimming world a few years ago, and would recommend it if you have a local club, but went back last year and didn't find it worked for me. The EE plan is trying I think if you're a veggie, restricting dairy too much for my liking. I also eat out a lot for work, and you can't order a baked potato with beans for every meal!!

    I'm finding the NHS plan hard but manageable, I guess because I can eat out without going so far over my 'syns' that I write off the week. When counting calories you can have a lot in one meal and balance it out with other days. Whereas with the syns, if there was no meal which fitted the plan, you would be an uncountable number over and it seemed pointless worrying about how many I was over by!

    But anyway, good luck with your new approach - I hope it works for you, and any time you want to swop low cal veggie recipes let me know!

  • Hi Butey,

    I do agree. I am interested in learning about the psychology of weight loss, so I may take a course in it. I think, ultimately, the problem is that I really don't like being told what to eat. Hence, why I like the idea of calorie counting, so I may use a combination of several methods: Slimming World, Weight Loss Resources, My Fitness Pal, and a course, books, etc. If I am going by the BMI, then I need to lose 6 stone, which is a lot. But I know it will take a while.

    I saw a lady, on the TV, who had used calorie counting and My Fitness Pal, and had lost 10 stone in 11 months!

    Bye for now, but yes let's swap veggie meal ideas.

    J x

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