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Report on last night

Good day

Food - pass no major slip ups

Snacks - pass no snacks

Drink - fail - 5 faces of the many faced god but mixed with soft drinks In between - a new way of drinking for me and it works no hangover

Thank you all for the support and suggestions


Out to a restaurant tonight !! 🍤🍜🍝🧀

( just beginning to use these things on my phone lol so look out world )

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Really pleased the drink thing worked, Alastair. I have to do something similar with caffeine too!


Yes on the caffeine front I have been decaf since Christmas - the headaches where tough to begin with but I hope much better once done for me anyways

And thanks for the tip

Alastair 🍷💦🍾🍾💦🍸🍹💦


Hi Alastair,

Great to hear your progress, and wow, you've discovered some great emojis (is that the right word?) - I can only do a few smiley's so far 8-) I particularly like that one...!

I challenge your choice of the word 'fail' for the Drinks section, as you have adapted this to have some soft drinks mixed in, so surely this is part success!!!? Definitely not a fail...!?

Hope you enjoy your meal out tonight in the restaurant.

Have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)

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Noted and accept material change to report - and looking forward to seafood tonight thanks


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Seafood - lovely! :-)

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Your shades look way cooler than mine! 8-)


I hope you have a nice dinner too. Interesting that you have given up the caffeine. Just can't do that. If it's not coffee, it's tea or diet cola for me. So it's everywhere. The best I can do is to drink equal amounts of water, which seems to ameliorate some of the effects.


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