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Week 18

This week: weight change 0 waist change 0 1952cal/day 114min/day activity BP 170/109

No change despite eating over the odds. Mainly due to around 8 hours of walking spent delivering Brexit leaflets. Plus my usual 48mins of cycling every work day. BP a bit on the high side although John Lewis stressed me out by screwing up my order of garden furniture again!

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Hi F.B.,

Wow, you've done lots of walking this week, as you said, delivering your leaflets. Plus the cycling too. Sorry to hear you were stressed out by the Garden furniture order being messed up. Not great!

You've maintained your weight, and that's better than a gain. Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Hi fb,

Sometimes when we have been busy ,the changes happen later I have had times when I have been good exercised and have not lost anything.keep it up ,try not to get stressed .good luck .


I wouldn’t worry too much about not changing in one week. At least you did not put any weight on. I find my weight goes up and down by a couple of pounds throughout the day, so I try to weigh at the same time of day.

Many people say that exercise plays little part in weight loss. I agree with that. Five years of gym plus extensive walking left me slightly heavier, because exercising increased my appetite.

When I changed my diet, but kept up the same level of exercise, the weight came off steadily. I lost five stone, reduced my waist from 42 to 32 inches and was discharged from the diabetes clinic because my blood glucose had become normal (it had been very high for 25 years). Three years on I have lost a little more weight without having to try and I enjoy a varied diet more than ever without having to count calories.

There is now a Low Carb Program on the diabetes.co.uk website which advises a lifestyle (it’s more than just a diet) very similar to what worked for me.


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