Hopeless case?

I'm supposed to be rebooting with Lowcal, starting week 1 again. I was doing well but today is a friend's birthday so I've made some beautiful cupcakes - had to try half a one! Also was in supermarket for husband's rye bread - Welsh cakes were NOT on the list. I know that cakes (and bread) make me bloated and then fat but still I get tempted. What is wrong with me?


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6 Replies

  • You sound perfectly normal to me, I would have done exactly the same.

    Mistake number 1 was to make the cup cakes (100% temptation to even the best of angels!!). Next time make or buy something not connected to food (or use xylitol and a low fat spread when you bake to halve the sugar and fat content).

    Also maybe your husband can do the shopping next time, using a list of healthy things?

    Sticking to a shopping list helps to avoid all those tempting goodies (that are actually baddies!!). X

    ps If it's any consolation I succumbed to a choc croissant the other day and REALLY enjoyed it. Had to eat minimal for the rest of the day though to accommodate the calorie allowance. ( - :

  • I think you did very well to only eat half the cupcake! The odd treat is not going to sabotage your healthy eating so long as you don't have more than the odd one a day.

    Coping with temptation is something we have to learn to deal with; the best plan of attack is to cook up some healthy alternatives using less fat and sugar (substitute with dates and bananas) and cream cheese toppings, so that you can have your cake AND eat it!

  • Hi Ceriandblue,

    But you are still re-booting with us I hope!!! I think you'll find that when we share our reflections on the week (and remember the Week 1 Reflection Re-boot post will be on Tuesday 17th May) that there will no doubt be a few admissions from us all of things that somehow got in our shopping baskets unexpectedly and 'events' that we were tempted by etc.

    Remember it's how you cope overall in your day, and in your week - no food is banned, and you can factor these things in, or work around the unexpected ones by ensuring the remainder of the week isn't jeapardised - so don't let it put you off, just focus on making today a day you'll be proud of, and most importantly - have a lovely weekend - it's nearly here!!!

    Like Seuzan says, it is very normal for such things to happen, and we are all human. Life has many things that come our way, and we can negotiate our way and get back on track on those times when we feel we ate a big too much, or made a choice we might have regretted.

    Onwards and downwards, Ceriandblue.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Nothing is wrong with you, you are normal! I always taste my baking, but try to get everything in the freezer quick before I test too much!

    There is nothing you can do about the past, it is gone, so no point beating yourself up about it. Today is a new day, so get up, dust yourself down and make today a good day. Good luck 😀

  • Homemade cupcakes are impossible to resist so I think if you only managed half then you did very well. My mother-in-law makes the best Welsh cakes and if you can resist them you would have iron strength will power! You can't be perfect all the time, you are going to have the occasional slip up. Don't be too hard on yourself or if it was me I would then want to eat more to cheer myself up! Try to compensate today and maybe go for a good walk to help you feel better and burn those few extra calories. Put it behind you and move on. Hope your friend enjoys the cakes and her birthday. :)

  • You are very normal! :) We are all human and aren't perfect all the time - just get back on the healthy train as often as you can and it will all work out. Slow and steady wins the race. And I agree - you did very well to only eat HALF a cupcake!

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