Fat Chance by Dr R Lustig

Thank you to Penel for suggesting this book, very interesting read. 

Firstly, it confirms that I am following the right eating plan 😊 Real food, ie mostly unprocessed, high fibre and no extra sugar. Together with increased exercise. 😊 Basically what our grandmothers did 😊 

There is more to the book, and whilst it is a bit scientific it's not too difficult to understand. More worrying is the battle between the food industry and politicians, and the growing obesity trend. 

But for all of us on here it's a positive message that being overweight is not our fault and that we can change our lifestyle and significantly improve our life chances. 


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14 Replies

  • Sounds interesting...I'll have to buy this book!

  • I got mine secondhand, a bit depressing to start with when you hear all the statistics, but good to hear that improving health and life expectancy, not to mention quality of life NOW can be achieved 😊

  • Or order it from the library, and spread the word even further?

  • Great idea! I ♡ my local library!

  • This sounds an interesting book.  Whilst I haven't read it yet, I often feel that those who advocate less salt and less sugar forget that these things were originally used as preservatives.  Food with less salt and less sugar might not keep so well, so it will be interesting to see what alternatives the industry come up with?   Maybe everything will have to be pickled!!

  • I think eating more fresh food is what he is advocating, but this is not always easy for those who cannot shop regularly 😕 But a good affirmation of my philosophy of 90% fresh unprocessed food and 10% traats 😊

  • All the pickling I have ever done used masses of salt.  

  • I eat loads of fresh veg, we often buy daily, because we can.  But I also eat masses of pickled veg, frozen veg and canned veg too.  Starting to find more bottled stuff around too.  I guess I just eat loads of veg.  My "sturdy" son when being told by the school nurse that he should try and eat his 5 a day fruit and veg replied, "you won't get away with that in our house.  My Mam thinks we should eat 10."  Unfortunately for 3 fat foodies, you have to cut the rest down, to actually lose weight!  

  • Exactly, reduce quantities 😊 I think, for me, I needed affirmation that it is possible to lose weight, keep it off, and be fitter and healthier long term 😊 

  • Oh it is, Anna61, just had my anniversary of being minus 5 stone.  Just need to stop going up and down now.  Need some balance.  

  • Glad you found it a useful read. I felt he was trying to give us information without selling a 'diet' plan! 

  • Hi, Yes, I agree 😊 I especially liked that he gave a run down on all the successful weight loss regimes and found what they had in common! Also that although I am still overweight I can definitely become "healthier" fitter and improve my life chances 😊

  • There is also a very good book by Dr David Cavan about reversing type 2 diabetes by diet (real food - low carb) and a thorough book on obesity by Dr Jason Fung.  Sam Feltham's 'Slimology' is a shorter read and relatively cheap.  The diabetes.co.uk Low Carb Program is free online.

    The more you inform yourself, the better equipped you will be to discuss treatment options with your doctor.

  • Another book I want to read is "lean habits" by Georgie Fear 😊 I heard an interview with her, sounds interesting 

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